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Lady Tsunatori Chapter 2

34-1: Lady Tsunatori
34-2: Chapter 2

35-1: Huh?!
35-2: He quit?!
35-3: Motoyoshi Boxing Gym
35-4: ...So, where is he now and what’s he doing?
35-5: That guy...
35-6: Who knows...That idiot just up and disappeared, didn’t even give us contact info.
35-7: skrkt skrkt
35-8: Motoyoshi Gym
35-9: Not a clue where he’d go.
35-10: !!
35-11: oooogh
35-12: Th, thaaat’s……

36-2: Sakurako
36-3: It hurts...so bad…! Missing that outstanding talent is just too painful!
36-4: mumble grumble

37-1: Do you think such a treasure really was hidden at that gym?
37-2: mumble grumble mutter mutter
37-3: Well, even so...I wonder...
37-4: sigh
37-5: We’ve been scouting for days, looking for physically capable candidates.
37-6: Rugby
37-7: Wrestling
37-8: Judo
37-9: But the moment we utter the word “Sumo,” they’ll no longer hear what we have to say.
37-10: Honestly, it’s pretty depressing...
37-11: skrkt skrkt
37-12: Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of support I need!
37-13: And now, that boxer’s...
37-14: snif
37-15: Let’s La Red!

38-1: Let’s la Yellow!
38-2: Let’s la Green!
38-3: Let’s la White!
38-4: Let’s la Pink!
38-5: Kids Fest
38-6: Hometown Hero Show
Let’s la 5
38-7: Waaagh! Waaagh!
38-8: grrr
38-9: Crap!
38-10: Waagh!
38-11: All 5 assembled!
38-12: Huh?
38-13: Let’s la 5!!
38-14: What’s with that one! He’s a fake!

39-1: There’s no Let’s la member that huge!
39-2: Yeah!
39-3: Waagh!
39-4: thmp thmp thmp
39-5: He’s some mystery member!
39-6: Let’s get ‘im!
39-7: Wait! Hold up!!
39-8: Whoa
39-9: Hah
39-10: fwoop
39-11: fwoop
39-12: fwoop
39-13: C’mere!
39-14: fwoop
39-15: Waagh!
39-16: Waagh!
39-17: thwack

40-1: fwwwwwmp...
40-2: Waagh!
40-3: Waagh!
40-4: Waagh!

41-1: Nng...
41-2: …………
41-3: Where…?
41-4: pwop
41-5: My place!
41-6: Has he come to?

42-1: Y, your place?!
42-2: Imagining a girl’s cutely decorated room
42-3: fwoomp
42-3.5: Waah!
42-4: leeeer
42-5: A room’s a room, but she could’ve mentioned it’s a Sumo clubroom...
42-6: You passed out after that kid hit you in the crotch, so we carried you here.
42-7: When we asked the others, they said you have no home.
42-8: Waiting Room

43-1: Hamamatsu Stable
43-2: Eat up.
43-3: Chanko-Don (a traditional Sumo stew)
43-4: clink
43-5: You haven’t been eating enough, I can tell.
43-6: Your stomach kept growling the whole time you were out.
43-7: Thanks!
43-8: om-nom
43-9: chomp-chomp
43-10: Delicious!
43-11: To save someone you don’t know, and even feed him on top of that...
43-12: tremble
43-13: But I did know you already, from before.
43-14: You’re Fujiwara.
43-15: Eh?

44-1: Y’all...sorry, you two...
44-2: Who are…?
44-3: We’re scouts.
44-4: From before...?
44-5: !
44-6: ……Ahhh.
44-7: I’ve quit boxing, you know.
44-8: Eh,
44-9: can this guy really be the one?
44-10: I’m pretty confident in my reflexes, so I was gonna make a name for myself in boxing...or so I thought.
44-11: Turns out being a champion isn’t as easy as all that...
44-12: I blame my height.

45-1: I’m nearly 190cm tall. Even at my lightest, I’d still be in middleweight division.
45-2: It’s the most populated division in the world.
45-3: I was still confident in my abilities...but I couldn’t find a proper training partner here in Japan.
45-4: Moreover, such an unpromotable “Japanese” can’t even get a title match.
45-5: So there was zero point in continuing. It wasn’t even something I enjoyed anymore.
45-6: So, what now?
45-7: Heheheh
45-8: I’m taking up acting!

46-1: If I get famous, it’s all good!
46-2: pwop
46-3: I’m a man, I just wanna be something big!
46-4: But...even in acting, this height of mine became a barrier……
46-5: sigh...
46-6: You’d be pretty hard to use.
46-7: They’ll say you stand out quite a bit, or the casting is unbalanced...
46-8: Audition
46-9: Gaagh!
46-10: How about modeling?
46-11: Wield that height of yours……
46-12: Nuh-uh!
46-13: Right...

47-1: Look!
47-2: DUUUUN
47-3: My legs are far too long!
47-4: They’ll be my death!
47-5: Oh yeah...
47-6: thwack
47-7: My bad...

48-1: Agghh, I’m so broke!
48-2: I gotta get some cash like now!
48-3: Oh yeah! I could do music!
48-4: I can’t play any instruments, but I can rap...
48-5: Really? Of all the careers in the world……
48-6: I know how you can get free meals, guaranteed!
48-7: Huh?
48-8: ...
48-9: She’s going for it!
48-10: diiing

49-1: On top of that, free housing!
49-2: Though it is shared...
49-3: And you’ll even get spending money!
49-4: Hundreds of dollars a month! ❤
49-5: Whoa, really? How? That sounds fantastic!
49-6: And one in ten people even get over 10,000 a month!
49-7: Sure, above Juryo rank.
49-8: 10,000 a month? I got it! It’s a pyramid scheme, right?
49-9: Should you climb to the top ranks, with commercial deals, you can earn roughly 2,000,000!
49-10: If you’re a Yokozuna.
49-11: And with your looks, you could make even more. You could even date a performer or a cabin attendant!
49-12: WHOOAA!
49-13: That’s the big I’m talking about!
49-14: How do I get to that point?!
49-15: I want it!!

50-1: Here comes the hard part...
50-2: shf…
50-3: Sumo.
50-4: Professional Sumo.

51-1: hrnkeh
51-2: Sumo...huh...

52-1: Is it really that simple?
52-2: grin
52-3: I wanna do it!
52-4: ZZZZ...
52-5: ZZZZ...

53-1: ZZZZ...
53-2: ZZZZ...
53-3: Phew...
53-4: I can’t believe it.
53-5: Alright, you’ll start today!
53-6: You’re now a member of the Hamamatsu Stable.
53-7: Really?
53-8: I’ve got no home, so this is perfect timing!
53-9: Whoooaaa, lucky you!
53-10: Oh, can I have seconds?
53-11: Bwuuuh?
53-12: I caught sight of him when I was still a sports writer.
53-13: He left an impression on me...

54-1: He’s got the ideal build.
54-2: He’s tall, he’s got long arms, but his legs are still short.
54-3: His hip control, and the way he carries himself...
54-4: I don’t know how he was brought up, but he’s got amazing natural reflexes, on top of everything else.
54-5: Ahhhh, he’s a perfect specimen! ❤
54-6: But his manners...
54-7: He was so dismissive...
54-8: ZZZZ...
54-9: ZZZZ...
54-10: So noisy.
54-11: Sumo is “easy”?!
54-12: Hehehe...Well...
54-13: psk...
54-14: Muscat
54-15: That just means he’s confident!
54-16: nom

55-1: So he’ll come to training with that attitude? And live with the other members?
55-2: He’s all confidence with no foundation...If he doesn’t do well in this either, he’ll just throw it away halfway through, right?
55-3: mumble
55-4: At any rate, it’s low-pressure for him, so...
55-5: THWUD
55-6: Hrk!
55-7: Mmmnuh?
55-8: “It’s low-pressure, so”...
55-9: ...WHAT?

56-1: If you ever give me that “low-pressure” crap again...
56-2: I’ll gouge out your testicles and pickle them in formaldehyde.
56-3: It’s shameful for adults to slap labels on the youth and shirk their responsibility.
56-4: shudder...
56-5: Confidence without foundation is a strength in this “low-pressure” era.
56-6: It’s because there’s nothing holding people down in this day and age
56-7: that people can imagine their limitless possibilities without stifling themselves.
56-8: In actuality, the ones who hit the wall, stopping when their common sense tells them that they can go no further...

57-1: ...are the athletes who aren’t of this “low-pressure” era.
57-2: ...and you think this guy can produce those results…?

58-1: Of course.

59-1: I believe he can.
59-2: It’s my duty to bring him up and believe in his abilities.
59-3: If he doesn’t grow to be someone who possesses those qualities...
59-4: ...then it’s the responsibility of his teachers.

60-1: That’s all there is to it.
60-2: Hamamatsu Stable

61-1: chirp chirp
61-2: Good morning!
61-3: Excuse me!
61-4: Hamamatsu Stable
61-5: Alright, alright.
61-6: clakaclak
61-7: Good morning!! My name is Hiroshi Nishidai!!

62-1: I saw the press conference on TV yesterday.
62-2: Though it may be presumptuous of me,
62-3: BWONG
62-4: I, Nishidai, hope to become the next Japanese Yokozuna, and wish to join the Hamamatsu Stable!!
62-5: Nishidai
62-6: ZZZZZ...
62-7: ZZZZZ...
62-8: Chapter 2: End


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