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Chapter 43 - Rejection


tl by dan luffey

1: Miwa-chan...
2: Will you stay calm and listen to everything I have to say?
3: Unfortunately, the kidney we transplanted into you is barely functioning anymore.
4: At this rate, there's no merit to keeping it in your body.
5: It's unfortunate, but will you let us do surgery and take it out?

1: Call in my dad.
Chapter 43 - Rejection

1: Hey, dad...
2: Kondou-sensei keeps talking about taking my kidney out.
3: I don't like this guy.
4: I had a bad feeling about him from the start.
5: Change my doctor.
6: It'll probably make me better.
7: Miwa...
8: It's impossible to restore functionality to your kidney.
9: Kondou-sensei did all he could.
10: We have no choice but to take it out.

1: You're sure?
2: I'm sure.
3: But kidney transplants can be done multiple times, right?
4: Go find another kidney that'll fit in me, dad.
5: I don't care if it's from another brain dead patient.

1: I can't.
2: I can't do another transplant on you, Miwa.
3: Taking another kidney out from a brain dead patient for my daughter
4: is completely unfair. The hospital won't allow it.
5: Take one out from a dead person, then.
6: There's no difference.
7: I only had one chance to play that card.
8: Take me to a foreign country, then.
9: If we go to America, I can do another organ transplant, right?

1: It's extremely expensive to get an organ transplant overseas.
2: It basically means buying a foreign person's organ with money.
3: You think it'd be a waste of money?
4: I'm a Japanese doctor.
5: Unless I make transplants possible in my own country, there are a ton of patients in Japan who I'll never be able to save.
6: But you're my papa, aren't you?
7: I'm going to make a law.
8: A law for brain dead organ transplants that will make it much easier to do transplants.

1: So you really were just using me as a test subject.

1: Miwa-chan...
2: Please, look this way.
3: You don't need to get so depressed.
4: It just means you'll be going back to dialysis.
5: Why did you keep quiet?

1: Keep quiet?
2: When dad said he was going to take out my kidney,
3: why didn't you say anything?
4: You're just like his lapdog.
5: You don't care one bit about me, do you?
6: Medically speaking, extraction was the proper course of action.
7: I had no reason to defy him.
8: Usually you're always so talkative...

1: I never want to see you again.

1: It might be wise to change her supervising doctor.
2: Miwa's got a bit of a stubborn edge to her.
3: It may be difficult for her to come to trust you again.
4: Miwa.
5: I brought you a new doctor.

1: Miwa won't take her medicine,
2: Professor.
3: Honestly, I'm not the one who's been taking care of her this whole time,
4: so would you mind talking to her, Professor?

1-2: knock
3: Good evening.

1: Everyone's worried
2: since you won't take your medicine.
3: I don't believe
4: dialysis is a bad method of treatment, you know.
5: As technology advances, your body will start to feel better and better.
6: The age when you can grow through dialysis alone will also come someday.
7: There's no reason to be so pessimistic about everything.

1: Did my dad tell you to come here too?
2: I came here because I wanted to.
3: Not because someone ordered me.
4: What is this, then, volunteer work?
5: Why are you telling me this?
6: I like my job.
7: I'm not just doing it for the money.
8: Don't you think it's a wonderful thing
9: to be able to do something nice for someone?

1: I want to help you.
2: What's wrong with that?
3: Why are you against transplants?
4: Hmm. I wonder.
5: Throughout the years, doctors developed the idea of the "three death symptoms."
6: 1. Heart failure, 2. The inability to breathe on one's own, and 3. Dilation of the pupils.
7: Of course, it's possible to make successful transplants after these three symptoms appear.
8: Other people believe that a human isn't truly dead until all their cells die.

1: In the end, it may just be a problem of where someone draws the line.
2: And I don't believe that brain death equals the death of a human.
3: Have you ever seen a brain dead person?
4: Aside from the artificial respirator attached to them, it just looks like they're sleeping.
5: Their heart is warm, and their pulse beats.
6: There are even some reports of patients' blood pressure rising after being sliced open.
7: And the truth is, anesthesia is administered when organs are extracted.
8: Some patients' bodies even move sometimes.

1: Was the person who gave me their kidney like that too?
2: He was a healthy, 20-year old young man.
3: He drowned when swimming and got brain damage.
4: Another young person often came to visit him.
5: Maybe it was a friend from school?
6: He died 3 days after his kidney was removed.
7: His parents cried.

1: Did I make him die?
2: Did I
3: do something I shouldn't have?

1: You can cry if you want to.


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