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Chapter 32 - Commencement


tl by dan luffey

1: click...
2: I'm back...I just came to pick up some clothes.
3: I'm going back to the hospital after I rest a little.
4: I got a call from Saitou-sensei.
5: He said he'd really like to get in touch with you, just once.
6: Why don't you talk it over with him?
7: I've been getting the feeling that things haven't been going well with you two lately.

Chapter 32 - Commencement

1: Inserting the needle now.
2: It won't take long, so please don't move.
3: gash
4: The astriction will last 10 minutes.
5: How many more people do we have today?
6: Three. We'll be doing the next one in 30 minutes.
7: Huh? His family's here?
8: Alright. I'll be right there, so please tell them to wait.
9-11: dash

1: Your PSA is far above the normal level of 4 mg/ml.
2: Your rectal exam and echo were fine,
3: but I think it may be a good idea to examine your prostate's makeup.
4: Yoshioka-san.
5: Yoshioka-san, please report to examining room #3.
6: It's impotence.
7: Oomori-san.

1: I've finished organizing the data.
2: OK, good work.
3: Leave it there.
4-6: clack
7: Sensei...
8: Can you let me do a little of that work too?
9: You're the one who doesn't want to work.
10: How can I give you work if you're taking time off to get examinations done?

1: Besides, you've virtually taken responsibility over Akagi-san, haven't you?
2: I don't know what your position is in relation to her,
3: but as far as the hospital goes, it's your job to look after her, right?
4: But sensei, your husband...
5: simply wants to do a live transplant between two unrelated people to further his career, right?
6: Therefore he's decided to use Akagi-san and myself for that purpose.
7: At least, that's what Akagi-san said.

1: What, are you trying to say that you think you're being used?
2: Is it a bad thing to work for one's own benefit?
3: At least my husband doesn't blame things on other people.
4: Do you even realize how your actions affect the people around you?
5: Are you fine with hurting others
6: just as long as you protect yourself?
7: Not exactly...
8: I just did some research on some past events that happened at Eiroku...

1: You're still trying to be the good guy?
2: There's nothing worse than unconscious evil.
3: Isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy?

1: Good work.
2: The doctor in charge and the head nurse are waiting with with parents.
p3 sign: Meeting Room 2
3: Nice to meet you.
4: I'm Kawabuchi, the chief coordinator.

1: We know this is a very painful, sad time for you right now.
2: But we're still thankful for this chance to talk to you.
3: The kind of organ transplant we're about to explain right now
4: is merely one of the options for a brain dead patient.
5: Please take ample time to make your own decision after we explain.
6: We will respect your decision and do our best to assist you.
7: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.
8: Also, please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like a trusted associate to join us in this meeting.

p1 paper: Organ Transplant Consent Form
1: Even after you sign this form, you can always retract your consent later, as long as it's before the transplant.
2: It is essential that you are all fully convinced of your decision.

p1: Organ Transplant Consent Form
Organ Donor-
Name_Yoshida Hiroshi
1: We received a consent form from the family.
2: I'll create a brain death judgment form, so please select doctors to judge.
3: squeal
4-6: klak

1: Ogasawra and Suzuki will be the judging doctors.
2: We aim to make the first judgment after 9 PM.
3-4: slip
p4: nyooo...

1: We've checked all the documents. We would like to call for attendance from the lab in preparation for the EEG measurements, blood tests, and pathological exams.
2: The nurses have also called an emergency officers meeting and are making preparations.
p3: 3F - Corporation - Japan Organ Transplant Network
3-9: clack

1: We sent blood samples to the block center.
2: The network has also sent us their recipient search results.
3: We've decided to use surgery room #14.
4: We also contacted the office and the East Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
5: We have secured a rest area for the family.
6: Currently, the judging doctors are explaining their brain death judgment to the family.
7-8: clack
9: Legally, we are required to carry out two brain death judgment tests
10: before we can donate an organ from a brain dead patient.
11: There are five things we must examine:
12: 1. Whether or not he is in a deep coma. 2. Whether or not his pupils are fixated and widened. 3. Whether or not his brainstem's reactions against shocks are completely gone. 4. Whether or not his brainwaves are flat. 5. Whether or not he can breath voluntarily.

1: If you wish, we can carry out the judgment with you present.
2: What would you like?
3: Injections and an IV will be necessary to stabilize blood pressure and urine volume.
4: Please understand that this is not any sort of therapy for Hiroshi-san.
5: We will also run tests for infectious diseases and other general inspections.
6: Mostly from blood samples, electrocardiograms, echos, and x-rays...

1: If there is any change in your desire to donate and you wish to stop the process,
2: you are allowed to withdraw your consent at any time.
3: Please do not hesitate to let us know.

1: We prepared a rest area for you in this room.
2: fsssh

1: This is a pretty large-scale project.
2: As the coordinators repeated,
3: you can withdraw your consent at any time.
4: Please value your own personal feelings.
5: That's what the coordinators and I are really hoping for.

1: Are you sure you want to go through with this?
2-3: sploosh

1: What are we going to do,
2: doctor?
3: Did you talk to Minagawa-san already?
4: Are you going to ask her to attend to me during the surgery?
p4: fsssssh

1: No matter what it takes...
2: I want this transplant to happen.
3: Regardless of what Kondou-sensei's reasons may be.
4: It doesn't matter...
5: what you or Minagawa-san think, either.
6: I think...
7: I'll ask her to attend to you.

1: Hello, it's Saitou.
2: I'm in the lobby of the main building. I'll be here waiting for you.
3: Hey, did you hear?
4: They got a brain death donor from brain surgery.
5: Really?
6: Isn't that a first for Eiroku?

1: At 9:30 PM
2: The first official brain death judgment began.


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