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Created at11/15/2012 12:26

Hello everyone!

Welcome to MangaReborn's closed beta release! During this phase we want to work on gathering as many talented manga artists as we can and get their content ready for a global release.

We'd appreciate if everyone can help reach out to the artists you know of. They don't have to be Japanese artists, they can be talented artists from your part of the world.

Just link them to the site, and tell them to contact us directly and we'll take care of the rest :).

In the mean time, take a look around the site, let us know if you come across any nasty bugs by using the contact form and we'll try to get those squashed asap.

With that said, enjoy the site and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks again!

The MangaReborn Administration




hi im new here ,im making a manga and i try to sign to become an artist i register and its says im an artist , but what im gonna do now ? can anyone guide me thanks !

12/09/2012 20:55



For new users, we have an extensive FAQ located beyond the "How to use" link at the top of any page. The section for submitting manga in particular can be found here: http://en.mangareborn.jp/help_categories/15

12/09/2012 21:12

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