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MR Dictionary

  • Activity

    Activity is the actions the members of the site produce. From uploading content to translating an item or even discussing your favourite series .

  • Ad Supported Content

    Earn Coins by the amount of access your manga gets.
    Each time your manga is read the reader will see various ads. We then take the money earned from that, and pay you in Coins. So say you make the site 1,000 dollars in ad revenue we would then pay you half of that back for a total of 500 dollars worth of Coins.

  • Circle

    Circle are groups or clubs of artists that get together to self publish their own manga / comics known as Doujinshi.

  • Coin

    Coins are the currency we use at Manga Reborn. In order to purchase content that is for sale, you need to buy coins. You can purchase them by going to your My Page and clicking on the Coin button.

  • Contribution Points

    Contributions points or CP are points you earn by contributing to the site. You can earn CP for posting comments, Translations, Fan Art, Lettering, adding Manga or even reading Manga. These points can then be donated to other users or for other uses still to be seen.

  • Doujinshi

    Doujinshi is the Japanese term used to describe self published manga/comics or novels.

  • Fan

    A fan is a fan. The benefit of being a fan means you can get updates of your favorite manga straight to your my page.

  • Lettering Groups

    Lettering groups are people in charge of placing the translated text onto manga to finish the localization. Depending on the source material the process can be quite tedious. We have guides and people available to help you to be a letterer. Learn great editing skills while bringing the joy of manga to a broader audience!

  • Localized File

    A localized file is a file translated and lettered from the original language to a different language.

  • Pay Per Download Content

    Each release requires the reader to pay using coins before they can read it. Just like any typical net shopping site, you can set your desired price for your manga and sell it. (Please remember you'll be setting the price using our "Coin" currency). Those that pay for your manga using Coins will be able to read your manga. Since they pay per chapter, if they want to read the next one, they'll have to purchase it. The more people reads your chapters the more ad revenue you'll also earn

  • Super Fan

    A super fan is someone that does more than just clicks the Fan button. If you help the artist, translator, letterer, fan artist out one way or another then you'll be considered a Super Fans.

  • Support Creatively

    Light on cash? That’s OK! For those of you who can’t support an artist financially our system allows you to support the artist creatively. Skilled at translation? Join as a translator and help people of other countries enjoy the manga. Talented at editing and typesetting? Join as a letterer and have your hand in part of the creation. Creative support doesn’t end there. As long you can think it up we can help support it. So get creative and make some music for the manga, a YouTube clip showing off the art, or even try your shot at drawing! Then, once you’re done come here and show it off!

  • Support Financially

    Ever feel like you would like to have a hand in directly supporting the artist of the manga you love so much?
    Now you can. With Manga Reborn's platform you can financially support any of the great artists this site has to offer.

    For more information on how to support artists directly, please see our support artistspage.

  • Translations

    Translations are words or text that are translated from one language into another.

  • Unlock

    You set a minimum guarantee before your release is readable by the public. The Unlock System allows you to set a price that must be met before it is readable by the public.For those that want to read your manga they add Coins to your release. Once the Coins reach the goal your manga becomes public and you get paid. By using this system you can be certain you'll make a set price before the masses can read your manga. Then once it is unlocked you can continue to earn money through the ad revenue system.