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Adding Manga

  • How can I add manga?

    First you need to become a registered artist (you can apply here) and to get your manga approved. Once that happens, go to your page and click on the "Publish" button either on the far left side of the grey menu bar or from the yellow buttons on the right side of your screen. Beneath the "Manga" tab, click on "Add new content." And then, simply fill out the required information, and you're set!

  • How do I zip a file ?

    On windows you can zip by right clicking the files or folder, selecting "send to" and selecting the “Compressed (zipped) folder” option.

    On mac you:
    1. Open Finder on your Mac and locate the file that you want to zip.
    2. Highlight your file's icon, or hold down the Command key while highlighting to select multiple files.
    3. Right-click your highlighted file(s) and select "Compress" to launch Archive Utility. This will automatically zip your files. If you zip a single file, your new archive will retain the original file name with a ".zip" file extension. If you zip multiple files, it will be called "Archive.zip."
    4. Change your ZIP name if Archive is insufficient. Retain the ".zip" file extension.

  • What file format should I upload?

    Both JPG and PNG are accepted. So save into one of those two formats. Don't forget to zip them before uploading.

  • The pages in my manga are in the wrong order

    Try putting all the files into a folder and then zipping the folder. Once done, upload the file again. If they are still in the wrong order please contact MR staff.

  • What should I do about double pages?

    You can either upload them as one page or two separate pages. (Currently we only display one page at a time, but soon there will be an option to show two pages at once.)

  • What size page should I upload?

    For the sake of the online viewer, it is best for files to have a height which is a multiple of 400 pixels: 1200, 1600, and so on. That said, any image of relatively high quality will be accepted. You should also note that:

    • The image should be cropped to the size of the page.
    • Panels and bounding boxes should be parallel with the edges of the image.

  • What's DRM?

    Digital rights management (DRM) is a term for access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to limit the use of digital content and devices. For more on DRM and what it can do, check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management

  • Can I change to DRM files?

    At this time you can not. If the need arises we will look into it. So decide carefully on what you want before you add your manga.

  • What does Unlock mean?

    You set a minimum guarantee before your release is readable by the public. The Unlock System allows you to set a price that must be met before it is readable by the public. For those that want to read your manga they add Coins to your release. Once the Coins reach the goal your manga becomes public and you get paid. By using this system you can be certain you'll make a set price before the masses can read your manga. Then once it is unlocked you can continue to earn money through the ad revenue system.

  • What are tags and how do I change them?

    Tags are a way to let users know what genre the content they are about to read is.
    In order to change tags, you'll need to contact an administrator. You can do so

  • How do I change the price of my manga?

    Coming Soon.