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  • What is Manga Reborn and how is it different from other sites?

    Manga Reborn's goal is to not only provide fans of manga a chance to view work that they would not normally be able to view or buy, but also provide Artists with the ability to dictate how their work is viewed and distributed across the internet.

    Unlike other online manga sites, Manga Reborn offers the artist the unique ability to have their work translated and lettered into different languages by the community in order for them to reach a much larger audience. As well as give them the ability to choose the price and how they want to sell / distribute their work. Or they can just be published and viewed for free. It’s entirely up to the artist.

    For more information regarding this and the site in general, you can view our About, Publishing, Support Artists pages or contact the site directly through the Contacts page.

  • Is this site legal?

    Manga Reborn is a completely legal manga site that not only gives artists the power to control how their creations are viewed and distributed, but also gives fans the ability to view manga / comics that they might not have had a chance to see before. All artists upload manga by their own free will.

  • What languages do you support?

    Manga Reborn currently supports Japanese and English. But will be expanding to other languages as soon as possible. If your language is currently not available and you would like to help out by translating the site, please head over to the Site Translation Project Forum for further details.

  • What are the rules of this site?

    For Content:
    • No Stealing: The work must be yours.
    • No Porn: It can't be hentai (It can have adult themes and be labeled as such, but strict hentai isn't allowed)
    • Know Your Contract: You must have permission to upload the work. (If you have agreements with publishers that don't allow it, then we can't accept it.)
    • No parodies: All characters and stories must be your own creations. Or, you must have permission beforehand, clearly stating that you can use another’s characters and ideas.

    General Rules:
    • No Bashing: Please be respectful; refrain from non-constructive criticism, flaming, and overly aggressive language.
    • No Spam: Please try to avoid posting any comments that do not contribute to the general topic at hand.
    • One Line Posts: Please avoid one line posts, post fragments, and any posts that look more like chat messages or tweets.
    • No Hentai or Porn: Please do not post links or discuss pornographic material, including hentai manga.
    • For Profit Links: Do not post links to for-profit download sites without providing a non-profit alternative.
    • No Cracks or Warez: Please do not link to any software piracy sites or post any cracks, warez, or serials. This rule will be strictly enforced.
    • Duplicate Accounts: Manga Reborn allows one account per member. If there is an account or log in issue, please contact an administrator.

  • Can anyone release their manga here?

    As long as you're the owner of your work and you have no prior agreements that would prevent you from releasing online, then yes. You can release your manga on Manga Reborn.

  • Do I have to pay to use this site?

    Manga Reborn is a free site that offers members the opportunity to support their favorite artist/manga or gain premium material if they so wish.

  • How do I report something?

    If you come across things like spam, inappropriate material, advertising, etc. while viewing MR, you can notify the staff by clicking the "Report Links" around the site and filling out the form.

  • What does OTL stand for?

    OTL stands for:

    Original (The content in its original form that the artist created.)
    Translation (The translation of the content)
    Localized file (The file type set onto the manga)

  • How do I get manga to show in my Latest Releases?

    To get updates on the manga you like, simply become a fan of it and you'll be set.

  • What is BB Code and what tags can I use?

    Bulletin Board Code or BB Code is a set of tags used to format posts on message boards. These tags allow users to change font, color, and many other things. A list of tags can be found on www.bbcode.org. Please note that not all of the listed tags there may be available to use on Manga Reborn.

  • Your FAQ didn't help me. Can I speak to someone?

    You contact any of our MR staff members or contact the site directly through the contacts page.

  • Where are the forums and how do they work?

    Coming Soon...