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StatusTranslator,Lettering Group
Birthday 06/26/1987
Country Mexico


Latest ReleaseGod of Destruction The future is gone
Number of Releases2

Well, I´m not a man of words, so this is going to be quick jeje.

I´ve been translating manga since 4 years ago, though I didn´t konw nothing of japanesse when I started.

I wanted to translate a chapter of Rosario+Vampire that hasn´t been translated in a long time. So I went and bought some japanesse-spanish dictionaries, and just started. I lasted a whole month to do it, but I did it. And then I edited the raws and, after a month and a half since I started with all that, I had my first scanlated chapter. Of course, ti was crappy, but I have improved with the practice over the years.

None of the scanlations I´ve done, have been made public. I keep them for myself jeje.

I study japanesse now, and it helps me, but I´m still far away from translating from japanesse as this site requires it.

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Elanor Pam 05/23/2011 17:04 [The future is gone comments]


No images are being displayed. Maybe there was a problem during the file uploading?

ShuriKenSS 05/23/2011 19:29 [The future is gone comments]


Yup, I posted something about this on the bug forum. Anyway, since I didn´t plan it as the definitive version, I´l see this problem handled when I finish editing the images you sent.

Elanor Pam 05/23/2011 21:43 [The future is gone comments]


Did you upload it as a .zip file? I think the site doesn't recognize other file compression formats, so a .rar file, for example, might cause problems.

I received the new scanlation notice, but as always it'll probably be a while before it's available for viewing.

ShuriKenSS 05/25/2011 12:04 [The future is gone comments]


Yup, I compressed it in zip format. I´m asking now how to solve this problem. Sorry for the trouble.

Teichan 05/26/2011 05:32 [The future is gone comments]


I've updated the latest version. I'll delete the other chapters ^^; Sorry for the issue.


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