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StatusTranslator,Lettering Group
Country Japan


Latest ReleaseOne Small Step to the Future. #1. One Small Step to the Future.
Number of Releases21

Twenty-mumble living in The Big Mikan (aka Tokyo) who wastes all her free time hunched over a computer doing any or all of the following: scanning, cleaning, editing, translating, uploading, downloading, judging people for having crappy taste in manga, educating the masses on the finer workings of the Holy Nippongo, making friends on the other side of the planet stay up past their bedtime, and blog-stalking attractive Japanese stage actors. She really ought to get a life.

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DrL 11/21/2012 15:37 [死神に愛された女 comments]


An entertaining and funny one-shot :).

Myrin 11/27/2012 16:23 [死神に愛された女 comments]


A lovely little story, nothing too special but still really sweet and worth reading!

The art seems a bit old fashioned but I nontheless like it and especially the shock or surprise faces are absolutely hilarious.

I feel like some of the plot threads could have been more developped, meaning each could have been given a few pages more/a longer time in the story to be resolved, thus making the whole thing a few chapters long instead of just one.
But that doesn't stop the story from being a funny, cute, lighthearted-though-with-serious-and-sad-undertones and generally enjoyable read. Definitely recommended! :D

Myrin 12/06/2012 13:02 [Chapter 1: A Savior Appears!! comments]


I cannot stop laughing at this one. It's great in a really silly kind of way with development you wouldn't actually expect from a shounen manga. My very, very weird sense of humour approves wholeheartedly and can't wait to find out what'll happen next.


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