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Birthday 07/18/1994
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Teichan 06/22/2011 00:14 [Which of these would make a better manga? comments]


I'd prefer #1. Taking stories from your users would be cool too :D.

There's a semi-popular manga called Suicide Island that I regularly buy. In one of the volumes it has a postcard that requests people to share their stories of their depression so I'm assuming the artist can use that for inspiration. You could do the same with yours :D.

Orionaut 06/22/2011 10:44 [Which of these would make a better manga? comments]


That's actually a pretty good idea, and also #1 was the most developed out of the two (I already have plot twists and stuff like that).

Aiwethryne 06/30/2011 23:14 [Dream Manga. comments]


And I'm surprised that you actually noticed all of us joining like that. Well, we are here to spread the utmost joy of DREAM as we are many in this world of online manga.

Perhaps you could join DREAM as well~ ...Vervain is awesome.

Orionaut 07/07/2011 17:28 [Which of these would make a better manga? comments]


I just had an idea for another story based off a dream I just had.

A girl and her family had to evacuate her home (for unknown reasons). The girl goes back to get something but the government already closed the town off. Then she gets transported to a planet full of monsters. She quickly gets chased by this dragon who, for some reason, could transform into plane thing. She gets in a fight with onother woman that's there and wins (and apparently the planet's climate changes sporadically). Then the government shows up to get her riding some of the of the other monsters but the dragon comes back and kills them. It transforms into that plane thing again and shoots at her in a pattern to see if she can dodge its attacks.

Of course this was the dream, the story is just a revised version of it.

GEshode 07/07/2011 18:24 [Which of these would make a better manga? comments]


Your first idea kinda sounds like Inception to me. Since it also kinda has to do with dreams and lucid dreaming.


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