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#38. The Returner

1-2: klak
sfx: klak

#38. The Returner

1: Aren't you going to get out?
2: We're going to drop off all the Kaiten and crew members and engineers here, and then head back to Kure.
3: I can't go back to the base like this...
4: Commander...

1: The repairs on the ship will probably take over a month to complete.
2: Once the repairs are finished, we will load the Kaiten and head out to the enemy again, without fail...
3: I'll ask the higher-ups to allow you to attack once more as well.
4: I will come back to get you...
5: So survive until then.

1: Hey... Isn't that 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe?
2: He's alive... Didn't he go out on an attack?

1: Now that I think about it, they only reported that two transports had sunk... They didn't say that they had fired all the Kaiten.
2: Maybe there was a malfunction?
3: Did a malfunction keep them from firing his?
4: Look at the deck, though.
5: There isn't a single Kaiten left on board.
6: Then why is he alive?
7: How should I know? Looks like he can walk, though.
8: I can't believe that bastard had the nerve to come back here alive!!

1: On, February 11, 1945
2: the inner circle of the Navy was informed of the Adamantine Squad's results.
3: 6 submarines had participated in the mission,
4: with 24 Kaiten in total loaded on their subs.
5: It was recorded that 18 enemy ships were sunk.

1: I-36 fired 4 Kaiten,
2: and 4 explosions were confirmed at their expected times, indicating that 4 important ships had been sunk.
3: I-47 also fired 4 Kaiten,
4: and sunk 4 large transports.
5: I-48 sunk one oil tanker, one cruiser, and two transports, but after that, it went missing,
6: and never returned to Japan.
7: I-53, which Watanabe rode in, reported that it had sunk 2 transports.
8: I-56 was intercepted by the enemy and failed to make any attack.
9: The last sub, I-58, reported that it had sunk one special aircraft carrier and three transports.

1: The HQ was highly impressed by these magnificent results, and instantly began planning the next attack.
2: Meanwhile, no records that confirmed any of these results were recorded on the American side.
sfx: fwish x5
3: We were together so much, but for some reason...
4: I can't remember your face too well... Sekiguchi...

sign: Command Room

1: What business could you possibly have at this hour,
2: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe?
3: Please include me in the next mission.
4: I'm begging you, Commander Sakakura.
5: Commander Toyomasu of I-53 said that as soon as the ship repairs were finished, he would be back to pick me up.
6: But I can't wait...
7: Now that everyone knows the results of the Adamantine Squad, I believe the next mission will be starting soon.
8: Please include me...

1: No.
2: No matter the reason, someone who has already gone out once cannot be sent out again.
3: This was announced when the first members of the Chrysanthemum Water squad were selected.
4: But commander...
5: The members of the Chrysanthemum Water squad who survived got to take part in the next mission...
6: That was a special exception.
7: I didn't approve of it, but they went and appealed to a higher officer.
8: It was a special exception that should never happen again.

1: I'm sure that Commander Toyomasu simply said what he felt he needed to after seeing your condition.
2: You already crossed over the brink of death once.
3: There are no second tries.
4: But that doesn't make sense...
5: You ordered us to die.
6: This order is telling you to go and die.
7: What does this make that order then!?

1: I'm giving you a different order now.
2: You will use your experience in battle to instruct the new crew members.
3: We've already lost a lot of skilled men, so we're in need of instructors.
4: It's the perfect job for you...

1: #8, in the second zone, traveling at a controlled speed of 30 knots! The waters are clear!
2: Begin supervised training!!
3: Electric rudder activated. Priming valve open.
4: Vent valve closed...
5: Rudder exhaust valve open.
6: Coolant valve open.
7: Rudder activation valve open...
8: Why did you enlist?
9: Wha...?

1: To save our 3,000 year empire from its crisis!!
sfx: gyoor x3
2: Thermotaxis!!
sfx: gwoooosh

1: What is a Kaiten?
2: Huh...?
3: Riding in this weapon and dying...
4: Is there any point to it?
5: The stopwatch stopped...
6: Huh?

1: A malfunction!!
2: Without the stopwatch, we won't be able to know our current position!!
3-7: click
8: Calm down...
9: When this happens, just use your pulse to count.
sfx: tap

sfx: thump x7
1: That will let you know your basic position.

1: Tranining complete! Training complete!
2: Open the haaatch!!
sfx: pop
3: Is just having a pulse
4: enough to mean you're alive!?


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