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#68: Daughter of Darkness

The Black Beasts Arc [7]
#68: Daughter of Darkness

p1: whoosh
1: Arisa...

1: Will Yukito be alright on his own?
2: Aren't you scared, Reira?
3: Father and Hashimu were murdered...and now Arisa is under hypnosis...maybe we really can't defeat the syndicate, no matter how hard we try.
4: I knew that from the start.
5: To a gargantuan dragon like the syndicate, we look like nothing but feeble ants.
6: But no matter how we run, we can never fully escape them...which leaves us no other choice but to fight! We continue to lash out at them, even though we know we can't win.

1: Don't think about Father and Hashimu anymore. Once dead, humans are gone forever.
2: Reira...
3: Yes...Father and Hashimu are gone...
4: There may be a way to break the hypnosis on Arisa!
5: What?!
p: clang
6: E...Ellis...

p1: thud
1: Not Matsuda too...
2: Matsuda!!
3: Matsudaaaa!
4: Matsuda...

1: Now only three Black Agains remain. Ku kuku...they're as good as dead now!
2: Did you check to make sure the man with the sunglasses was dead?
3: There was no need. It's impossible for anyone to survive a single punch from Sodom when he's under my hypnosis.
4: Are you sure about that?
p5: click
p6: slam
5: Reiko!

1: Up to this point, it was impossible for anyone to survive multiple assassin attacks from the syndicate,
2: but the Black Angels made the impossible possible.
3: Are you insinuating that we're on the same level as those assassins?
4: More importantly, Reiko, what are you doing here?
5: Master Kirihito has ordered the four of us to gather.
6: Master Kirihito?!
7: Plan M's day of execution has been decided!
8: Wh-what? Really?!
9: Finally...

1: Therefore we must completely exterminate the Black Angels from this world! That is an absolute order from Master Kirihito!
2: A simpler task there never was! Want us to finish the job right now?
3: Ufufu...thank you for your hard work.
4: I will be praying for your continued success!
5: What a strange thing to say.
6: It's almost as if she has doubts about our abilities.
p6: klak
p7-p9: klak

1: Y-Yukito?!
2: Ellis!!
3: I found him dead in the trash dump.
4: What about Kyoji and Arisa?!

1: Reira...
2: Matsuda has to be alive...he'd never let the Dragonsfang Syndicate defeat him!
3: Reira. Can we really use Father's corpse to break the hypnosis on Arisa?
4: I'm not sure. But we have to try...it's the only hope we have...
p6: klak
p9: dash
5: Father's grave!!

1: Who did this?!
2: Father...
p3: twitch

1: Ufu...what's with the scary glares? I'm not the one who dug up that grave and took the corpse away.
2: What?
3: Do you want to know who I am? What if I belonged to the Dragonsfang Syndicate?
4: Hmm...you sure you can defeat me? I wouldn't try if I were you, Miss Reira. Your knives aren't capable of my piercing my heart!

1: Who is this woman...how did she know I was going to aim for her heart?
2: And she also knows my name...
3: Reira, who is this?
4: You've got it wrong, Mr. Yukito. I'm not one of the three hellbeasts.
5: She can read our minds?!
6: Looks like they're here.
7: Now I'm just going to sit back
8: and watch how you fight!

1: Arisa!!
p3: zwaaahhh
p4: fwoosh
2: Wait, Arisa!
p6: wham

p1: fwoooosh
p2: crack
1: Kaaaakakaaaah!!
p3: whoosh
p4: fwoom
p5: clink

p1: shink
p3: blecccch
1: Owww...
p4: fwoosh
2: Arisa...
p5: clink
p6: shoooooop

1: Judy! Don't look into Shura's eyes!!
p4: Ah!
p7: dash
p8: zwaaaahhhh
2: Judy!!

p1: step
1: F...Father?
2: Arisa's face changed!
3: What?!
4: Ka kaka...there's no way he actually came back to life!
5: Someone's probably standing behind him...

1: controlling him!
p1: zwaaaaahhh
p2: fwip
p3: ratatatatatat
2: Ugyaaaaaahhh!!
p6: step

1: Suiho?!
2: Ka ka...
3: Kaaaaaaahh!!
4: Go to Hell!!
p: stab

p1: slice
p2: kakakakakaka...
p3: yank
p5: thud
1: Gai...!!
2: Aww...
3: So that's what's going to happen. It's so boring be able to see ahead.

p1: vrooooom
1: Reiko, what was that little performance back there for? You sounded like you weren't at all confident in their abilities.
2: I hate vulgar people. Even if they're assassins.
3: This is so like you...but we need their power in order to exterminate the Black Angels.
4: No we don't.
5: Master Kirihito dispatched one of his personal assassins in order to take care of them directly!
6: Wh-what?!
7: A being blessed with magical powers...
8: A Killer Doll from the netherworld!!

p: vroooooom


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