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Marine Blue

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---Page 1---
*Title text at bottom* The Lady and the Gentleman

---Page 2---
*No text to translate*

---Page 3---
*Please include the following notes.*

Translator's Notes

Shoujo manga” refers to manga that is aimed at adolescent females.

In-text translator's notes will be marked as “TN: [...].”

---Page 4---
(Large text): The Lady and the Gentleman
(Small text): Toono Kazumi

---Page 5---
(From top to bottom):
The Lady and the Gentleman
Professor Urashima's Treasure
Angelic Time
Santa Tours
Marine Blue
*Leave “NOTES” as is*

---Page 6---
Marine Blue

---Page 7---
*English text in box, replace with the following* No Sea View Country
[This is the country that has no view of the sea.]

[The boy had yet to see the sea even once,]
[but it was his dream to, one day, board a ship and travel the world when he got bigger.]

---Page 8---
*Text above panel* Marine Blue
[The boy would ask everyone he knew,]
Hey, hey, what color is the sea, really?

Maybe green...
*Leave “Mother” as is*

It's blue.
*Leave “Father” as is*

*Leave “Gran-pa” as is*
I'd say, it's blue-green.

[The boy was perplexed.]
[Everyone said a different color.]
*Leave “Panic!” as is*
[However, when you put it all together,]
[the sea is blue.]

---Page 9---
[Green Blue Blue-green]
[The color of the sea... is blue?]

---Page 10---
*Text above panel* Marine Blue
Is it blue like the sky?
[No, it's not that blue.]

M 1)
Is it blue like the nearby pond?
[Nor is it such a subdued blue.]

M 2)
Is it blue like my favorite sweater?
SFX: Nngh
(Okay~, do a banzai~*)
[No, no.]

[It's understandable.]
[The boy's house was in the middle of a forest...]
[There was nothing in the area with the color of the sea.]

*Translator's note, wherever it will fit* TN: “Banzai” is an expression that can be used in the context of celebration, to name one example. The physical motion that accompanies it involves throwing one's arms upward, hence the mother's instruction in this instance.

---Page 11---
[The boy's mother had told him to pray to God and ask for help when he was troubled.]

Father in Heaven, please tell me what color the sea is.

Father in Heaven...

[The boy pleaded every night.]

---Page 12---
[And at the time when Christmas Eve and Christmas met...]
SFX: Open...
I wonder what Papa got me this year... *heart icon*

---Page 13---
SFX: Knock knock

---Page 14---
Merry Christmas, sonny!!

ML 1)
Who-who are you, Mister?!

ML 2)
It's Christmas tonight. You don't recognize this outfit?
SFX: Cough

Santa Claus......??

---Page 15---
SFX: Pft
Um, there's no such thing as Santa.
I heard that the adults are just having fun when they say that. *Smaller text at left* The boy next door told me so.
(They party late into the night, drinking.)

Wo~w! What is this? It's weird. *Small text at left* Does it move?
What are you talking about? This is the latest sleigh model.

SFX: Pull
Ow ow ow, what are you doing!?
SFX: Ahaha

Hey, did you see that, Jesus!? Kids these days don't even try to believe.
Even though I went to all this trouble to fulfill his wi~sh!
SFX: Haha...

...? Wish? My wish...?

You said you want to know the color of the sea, didn't you?

---Page 16---
H-how did you know?!
SFX: Heh...

Because you speak to me with such enthusiasm every night.
I talked it over with my friend, Santa, and we decided to fulfill your wish as your gift.

Today's my birthday, and everyone celebrates it.
Santa's presents are the least I can do in return.

BR 1)
...Mister, who are you...?

BR 2)
My, my.
Who have you been praying to all this time?

---Page 17---
*Leave “Heaven” as is*
*Leave “?” as is*
SFX: Smile


A-are you really God?!
Really, truly?!

Hey *heart icon* Tell me!
You'll understand soon enough.
Hey, tell me now. What color is it?!
...Please pay attention.

BL 1)

BL 2)
Whatever. It's fine...
SFX: Plip
I knew it. You're not God. You won't even tell me...

---Page 18---
Boy, that's-
SFX: Thwack!

What are you doing, Boy!?
He got me. It's over.

SFX: Hehehe...
Shall we go, Fake Santa?
Jesus, what are you...?!

SFX: Lift
It flies!?

See you later, Boy!

Are you lying or telling the truth?!

---Page 19---
I hope you understand one day...
Hey... Wait...

---Page 20---
What is it, Honey?

M 1)

M 2)
...So it was that...

What is it?
Nothing... Just a dream. A dream I haven't had since I was a kid.

A dream-like dream... But it's not important...

---Page 21---
Wh-what? Why are you staring at my face...?
(Ah, do I have something on me?)
No... I wonder why I remembered that when I looked at your face...

[...God kept his promise.]

B 1)
Well, get up. The weather's great!

B 2)
[Take a good look]
[at the color of her eyes.]

---Page 22---
Continuing from “Metaphysical Maria,” “I Had Given Up On Ever Seeing the Light of Day” was my second work (lol). The works included this time are from around when I became a freelancer. At that time, I had a lot of things on my mind, and while PenTouch was different, I think it was also kind of fun.

TL *Line of text beneath “NOTES”*)
Hmm, this is problematic. What on Earth is this? *Leave flower(?) mark*

Box 1)
<<The Lady and the Gentleman>> H2. Bouquet Selection No.9
My first creation as a freelancer after LaLa. Looking at it now, it's embarrassing because it feels oddly like a shoujo manga *Leave tear drop here* This story is supposed to have a completely different setting from the previous ones, but I still don't have the skill to make that a reality *Leave tear drop here*
Will the day ever come when I'm able to draw the true “The Lady and the Gentleman”?!

Box 2)
<<Professor Urashima's Treasure>> LaLa/Short Short Summer (5.63)
For this one, I was reading Hirose Tadashi's Complete Works, and my inexperienced self started wanting to draw a time slip story again *Tear drop here*
Hmm, I remember that I did most of the drawing myself, so this one took an incredible amount of time.

Box 3)
<<Angelic Time>> H1. LaLaDX Summer Issue
Out of these, this one is my favorite.
The person in charge at the time seemed to have a predisposition to disliking sci-fi and would throw out anything that wasn't shoujo manga. I had all sorts of concerns.
So, I got serious, and this is what I drew.
After this, I tried changing pen nibs, but I still hadn't gotten used to pens.

---Page 23---
Box 1)
<<Santa Tours>> H1. LaLaDX Winter Issue
This was to be my last work for LaLa.
Before “Angelic Time,” I had one kabura pen, but with “Angelic,” I added the maru pen, and in this work, I switched to using the maru pen and the G pen.
It's obvious that I'm still not used to using pens *Tear drop here*
Personally, I'm not Christian *Tear drop here* But I do like Christmas.

Box 2)
<<X>> S.62 LaLa November Issue
For some reason, I loved the mood of the time between the Taishō period and the early days of the Shōwa period. When I decided to draw this, the retro boom had yet to take place. It took me around a year and a half to gather data. I gave my all to draw this, but the survey results weren't so good (lol) *Swirl-like icon here*
Speaking of, according to my channeler friend, I lived in that era in a previous life.

Box 3)
<<Marine Blue>> S.62 LaLa December Issue
I rather like the frontispiece.
I slowly drew most of this one myself. It's astonishing, how long it took. When I think back on it now, it's nostalgic, and I'm envious of being able to spend time like that. Our past works are a sort of time capsule, aren't they?

Following “Metaphysical Maria,” I would now like to offer my gratitude to Yasujima-sama of Paper House for turning my stories into a volume.
Thank you.
And also to everyone who always helps me, thank you sooo much. (Truly *Tear drop here*)
*Leave the date and name in the bottom right as they are*


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