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The Horizon

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---Page 1---
*No text to translate*

---Page 2---
On this wide, wide world, the boy journeyed all alone.
Before his eyes stretched the long, long horizon.

---Page 3---
Occasionally the horizon would sink and rise, creating little bumps that would try their best to blow smoke.
SFX (small smoke): Puff puff puff
SFX (large smoke): Booom

---Page 4---
It would release the sun, the moon, and the stars.

---Page 5---
It would call the clouds and make rain fall.

---Page 6---
It always let the boy enjoy himself,
so the boy’s favorite thing in the world was the horizon.

---Page 7---
One day, the boy found a part of the horizon that rose and sank that he had never seen before.

---Page 8---
Going forward, the jagged bumps quickly became bigger.
They were spread out far and wide across the horizon.

---Page 9---
Continuing forward, the boy found himself completely surrounded by the jagged shapes.

---Page 10---
Could it be that the horizon called these shapes together for the boy’s enjoyment as well?

---Page 11---
The boy took a peek through the opening in one of the jagged bumps.
Deep inside, something was shining brightly.

---Page 12---
It was such a pretty light.
As if he were being led by the light, he entered the jagged shape.

---Page 13---
“I see you’ve come.”
Inside lay a small jagged shape.
As if smiling at him, it glowed.

---Page 14---
“I am your friend, the ‘box.’”
And saying so, the box sparkled and twirled as if it were dancing, and shrank to the point that it could fit in the boy’s hands.

---Page 15---
My friend?
“Friends are always together.”
“Now we’ll be together forever. We’ll live here.”
The box grew slightly larger than the boy and opened its door invitingly.

---Page 16---
Panicking, the boy fled.
I could never live somewhere I can’t see the horizon.
“Wait! Don’t go!”

---Page 17---
“I waited all this time, and even though I finally met him...”
The box began to cry.

---Page 18---
The box cried harder and harder, and the tears flowed out like a river and swept the boy away.
SFX: Dodododododo

---Page 19---
The river of tears became an ocean, and the waves swallowed up the boy and the jagged shapes alike.

---Page 20---
When he came to, the boy had washed up onto a beach.
Before his eyes stretched an expansive, watery horizon.

---Page 21---
Unexpectedly, he saw the box buried in the sand, its shine lost.
The boy dug out the box.

---Page 22---
Want to go with me?
We’ll travel and watch this watery horizon.
“You mean it?”
The box, overjoyed, let out its shine.

---Page 23---
And so it was that the boy and the box came to travel the wide, wide world together.
Before the boy’s eyes were his friend and the long, long watery horizon.

---Page 24---
(Red text under line that curls): The End


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