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#173 / A Dangerous Scheme!!


tl by danluffey

#173 / A Dangerous Scheme!!

1: [The Sugata infantry, led by the ex-head of the Bremen, Murokawa Reiji, has led an army of 2,000 against the 3,000 alliance soldiers on standby!!
sfx: shout

1: [Caught by surprise, the entire force surrendered within a mere ten minutes!!
sfx: dash

1: What? The early dispatch army of 10,000 was annihilated?!
2: Yes, sir! The Bremen bike gang joined with Sugata and gave him an advantage of 2,000!
3: And how many casualties did the Sugata army suffer?
4: Th-they were virtually unharmed, sir.

1: Ryuuki...!!
2: Sir!
3: Call in the man from the next room over.
sfx: creaaaak

1: It looks like it's time for you to go to work, Musou.
2: Indeed...
3: Go.
4: Yes sir!
sfx: slip
sfx: fwip
5: Hm?!

sfx: toss
sfx: poof
1: Wahh!
2: Ahh!
3: H... he disappeared!!
4: With this, the Sugata army should lose their morale within at most, three days... and then Sugata will be finished!!

1: Uuu...
2: Dammiiiiit!!
sfx: bang

1: What are we supposed to do now?!
sfx: wham
2: The Supreme Commander probably already knows about our defeat.
3: Even if Sugata chooses to release us, we have nowhere to return to!!
4: Sooner or later, he'll deal with us...
5: Well, maybe we should just bow down and beg Sugata to take us in, then.

1: How in the hell could we possibly do that?!
sfx: grab
2: You mean you'd rather sit here twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Supreme Commander to come execute you?
3: No, there's one more thing we can do.
4: All we need to do is escape to a place where the Supreme Commander can't reach us. Like Hokkaido, Kyushu, or even farther south, to Okinawa...
5: E... escape?!

1: B-but do you really think we can make it?
2: We won't know until we try.
3: Running certainly will give us a better chance of survival than sitting here and waiting.
4: Alright! In that case, we don't have any more time to sit around here!
sfx: clang
5: Yeah!!
sfx: creaaaak

1: Did you forget the rules of the alliance?
2: Failure means "death!!"
3: Uuu!
4: Y-you're...
sfx: sliiiiice

1: Azusa!!
2: Brother!
3: I want to talk to you about Kyouhei.

1: What did you want to talk about?
2: I heard him...
3: talking with your grandfather.
4: What... did you hear?
5: You want to know what he said to Kyouhei?

1: He said he wants Kyouhei to take over the Sugata Conglomerate.
2: What?!
3: I don't know what he's thinking. The only possible explanation for this is that the old man's gone insane! Don't you agree?
4: /Grandfather!!
5: And on top of that, Azusa, he wanted Kyouhei to marry you in the future!
sfx: twitch
6: H-he really said that t-to Kyouhei...?
sfx: blush
7: Now, how do you think Kyouhei replied?
8: pitter patter
9: I...I don't know...

1: Kyouhei turned down both of the offers!!
2: I thought he may have had feelings for you, but I guess I was wrong!
3: I know you liked him, but you should use this as an opportunity to forget about that good-for-nothing punk!
4: Stop the car!!
5: Hey, Azusa!!
6: /Good... now Azusa will never speak of Kyouhei ever again. As long as he disappears, things will go perfectly!

sfx: vroom
1: I can't wait to see what those idiots from the alliance try next!
2: It doesn't matter what they try! They know how strong we are now, so they're probably quaking in fear!
3: Perhaps. After all, we achieved total victory without a single casualty!
4: Don't let your guard down.
5: We may have beaten 10,000, but they still have 90,000 left!

1: Uwahhh!
2: A-a person!!
sfx: thunk
3: Hiieee!
sfx: screech
4: H-hey, what happened? Are you alright?!
sfx: pat
5: Don't move!!
sfx: fwip
6: Eee!

1: Ahhh!
2: Fuhieeehh! Broooo!!
sfx: whoom
3: Uuu!
4: Th-these guys aren't from the alliance!
5: I know you use some crazy martial arts called the Qigong Fist, so I had to resort to extreme measures.
6: Now, Sugata Kyouhei... mind coming with us?


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