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#165 / A Fatal Flaw!!


tl by danluffey

#165 / A Fatal Flaw!!

sfx: rumble
sfx: crash
1: Uwaaaaahhh!!
sfx: crumble

sfx: rumble
1: Wh-what the hell's going on?! R-run!!
2: Hiiieeee! H-heeeelp!!

sfx: gwaaahh
1: Hiieee!
2: /Th-this is the energy of the sun, the power Hyoudou's been searching for?! I feel like my body's about to crumble as well...
3: Uuu...
4: H-hmph! This is nothing!

1: Howaaaahhh
sfx: smack
sfx: bang
sfx: pop
sfx: fwoooom

sfx: dwaaahh
1: Uwaaaahhh!!
sfx: slam
sfx: thud
2: Geehhh!
3: Gwaaahh!

sfx: bang
1: Uohhh!
2: Kyaaaa!
sfx: whoosh
3: A-Azusa-chan!
4: Azusa-chaaan!!
sfx: dash
sfx: bang
sfx: thud
5: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: fwoom

1: Gggghh!
2: Is... that all you've got?!
sfx: whoosh
sfx: twitch
sfx: snap

1: Gahah!
2: Ahh!
3: Kyouhei... you must not use the energy of the sun here!!
4: The energy of the sun cannot be used unless one's heart, mind, and body are all unified in the name of justice.
5: /Th-that's right! Yui's Suprepenetrative Koppo broke my ribs and dealt damage to my intestines!! My body isn't unified, and master tried to warn me...
6: /N-now what's going to happen?! I used the energy of the sun in an imperfect condition...

sfx: kabooooom
1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: fwoooom

sfx: splinter
sfx: uwaaaaahhhh
1: What?!
2: B... bro!!

sfx: snap
1: Uwaaaahhhh!
2: M... my head!
3: My head's
4: going to explooooode!!
5: Uwaaahhh!!
sfx: thud

1: Broooooooo!!
2: Bro! Hang in there!!
3: Uwah!!

1: Bro's hair turned all white!!
2: It's alright. He's still breathing. But he's really bleeding. We need to fix him up at once!
3: I'll carry him, Kaneda, so you go grab Azusa-san.
4: O-okay!
5: Unfortunately, I can't let you take him away.

1: Leave him to me. Get them out of here!
2: Yui!!
3: You intend to fight me with those wounds?
4: That's right. At the very least, I'll be able to buy them enough time to escape.
5: Now hurry!
6: I owe you, Yui Kazuma! Let's go, Kaneda!!
7: W... wait!
8: Now, now. If you want to chase them, first you must defeat me!
9: Ggghh!
sfx: slip

1: Outta the waaaaay!!
2: I may not be able to use my Superpenetrative Koppo...
3: but I still have my legs!!
sfx: bshooo

sfx: crack
sfx: tonk
sfx: clang
1: Uuu!

1: S-Supreme Commander!
2: Uuu... uuu...
3: Ahh...
4: Mmmm!!
5: Wh... what happened here?

1: It was the energy of the sun!!
sfx: clamor
2: The last step of the Cosmo Combo, the power I have been searching for all this time... did all this?
3: It looks like a massive hurricane ripped through here.
4: Koki...
5: Y-yes, sir!
6: What kind of excuse do you have for doing something like this happen without my permission?
7: S... sir...
8: I hear that you not only touched the uniform of the 1st Supreme Commander,
9: but you also ripped it, knowing very well whose it was!

1: This is outrageous!!
2: And on top of this, you also begged for Sugata to spare your life! You are an embarrassment, Koki!!
3: Kahaaaaahh
sfx: rumble
sfx: splorch
4: Gehah!
5: So you're the younger brother of that good-for-nothing coward, Yui Kyousuke...
6: Now that you're on Sugata's side, I can't turn a blind eye to you any longer. Time to send you to your brother's side!!


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