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#160 / The Superpenetrative Koppo Rips and Tears!!


tl by danluffey

#160 / The Superpenetrative Koppo Rips and Tears!!

1: All who get in my way will end up just like him!
sfx: twitch
2: /Superpenetrative Koppo...
3: /What horrifying power!

1: I'm going to kill Sugata Kyouhei.
2: Or do you intend to hinder me this time?
3: Don't get too cocky, Yui Kazuma... or you may be the one who dies for hindering me!
4: I suppose I have no choice...
sfx: slip
5: That slap of yours won't work a second time!
6: Time for you to taste the Dark Qigong Fist!
sfx: fwap
7: Stop, Koki!!
sfx: grab
8: This is a pointless battle!!

1: Even if you do beat him, you won't make it out unscathed!
2: Besides, don't you think this could be the perfect opportunity to see just how powerful Sugata is?
3: Remember, we still have yet to see his Qigong Fist.
4: Hmm... I see. When you put it that way, it makes sense.
5: Fine. We'll give Sugata to you here and allow you a chance to get revenge for your brother.
6: How wise of you.
7: I also don't want to spill unnecessary blood if I can help it.
8: What?!
9: Just ignore him, Koki!!

1: Which means that I am your opponent now! Prepare yourself, Sugata!!
sfx: fwap
2: Oh shit! Now we have another strong enemy to deal with!
3: It's alright. Kyouhei-san won't lose.
4: Huh?!

sfx: fwap
sfx: tok
1: /Here he comes!!
3: Haaah
sfx: fwooosh
sfx: fwap
sfx: babababba

sfx: zudododododo
sfx: fwip
1: Hyuuuu
sfx: whoosh
sfx: fwooooom

sfx: thud
1: Bro!
2: Kyouhei!!
sfx: leap
3: Soiyaaahh!!

1: Watch out, bro!!
sfx: roll
2: Fuh.
sfx: slip
3: What?!

sfx: jab
1: Ggh!
2: Eeeee! H-he dug it in deep!!
3: Superpenetrative Koppo...
4: First I'll take two of your ribs!!
sfx: crack

1: Uooohh!
2: Kyaaaaah!
sfx: fwoosh
sx: leap
sfx: tok

1: Superpenetrative Koppo
2: 100-Armed Kannon Fist!!
3: Ggh...
sfx: spin
sfx: whiiiiirr

1: Wh-what?! He's spinning like a top!!
sfx: spin
sfx: bababababa

sfx: fwooooosh
sfx: dobadobadobadoba

1: You'll only be able to dodge it in the beginning.
2: The more you move around, the more your broken rib bones will start to stab your intestines!
sfx: spiiiin
3: No one has ever escaped from the 100-Armed Kannon!!
sfx: spiiiiiin

sfx: spiiiin
sfx: whap
sfx: throb
1: Uuu!
sfx: slam

sfx: splurt
1: Broooo!!
2: That's it! I can't take this anymore!!
sfx: swish
3: If you hurt my bro one more time,
4: you're all dead!!
5: Uwahh!
sfx: spiiin

sfx: tap
1: Dynamite? That's a rather dangerous toy you have there...
2: Heheh! You betcha!
3: Let's see how well those moves of yours work on this bad boy!
4: If you detonate that here, you'll injure not just us, but all the girls behind you as well.
5: Uuu...
6: Come on, hand it over.
7: And sit back and watch as I destroy Sugata Kyouhei!
8: Shuddap! If my bro's gonna die, then so will I!
9: I'll slam it into you right before it explodes!!

sfx: fssssh
1: Ahh! That goddamn idiot!!
2: Kyaaaaa!
3: Uwaaaahhh! He's insane! He actually lit it!!
sfx: bam
4: Hey, open up! Open the door! Hurry!!
5: Ka... Kaneda!
sfx: fssh
6: If... if my bro's gonna die... then I'm gonna take out the guy who killed him and follow him into Hell!!

sfx: fsssht
1: Bro!!
2: Uu!!
3: Yui Kazuma!! I will not fight you here!!
4: For if I do, you will surely die!!


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