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#157 / The Inevitable Showdown!!


tl by danluffey

#157 / The Inevitable Showdown!!

1: What's your name...?
sfx: fwap
2: Who are you?!
3: Get outta the way!!
4: Wahh!
sfx: stomp
5: Y-you don't scare us, you assholes!!

1: If my bro were to get serious on you, you'd be finished!!
2: Uwahhh! S-stay back! Stay back! D-Dan! Heeeelp!
3: You still haven't learned?
4: This time you'll die.
5: I can dodge every punch you throw at me.
6: There's no point in fighting.
7: Don't know...
8: until I try, now do I?

sfx: dash
sfx: wham
1: As I thought, you were completely unguarded against my legs!
sfx: bsh

sfx: wham
1: Ryuuki!!
sfx: crash
2: H... he did it!! Special Forces Captain Dan Tsukumo's dynamite fists exploded for the first time in a while!!

1: You son of a bitch!
sfx: dash
2: Wait!
3: Huh?!
4: clamor
5: shout
6: I just wanted to give you a small greeting today, that's all.
7: We'll continue this another time.

1: Wait, Hyoudou Kai!!
2: Let me just ask you one question. Why did you kill my master?
3: He saved your life and raised you as if you were his own child. Why did you kill him?!
4: Fufufu...
5: I only killed him because he deserved to die.
6: Whaaaat?!
7: Kubou Shouen killed my father.
8: I was simply fulfilling my duty to my father... wouldn't you agree?

1: No!!
2: Your father lost to master and tried to kill himself and take you along with him! That wasn't master's fault!
3: Regardless of the details, Kubou Shouen is the source of what happened.
4: And since you have mastered the energy of the sun, you are fated to walk the same path he did.
5: /Hyoudou Kai... what a monster!!

1: Dohahahahahaha!!
2: Ahahahahaha!!
3: I'm so glad you're back in good health.
4: Yeah! If it wasn't for my bro, you'd be pushing up daisies right now, Hakkemi!

1: When do you think you can get out of the hospital?
2: A-according to the doctor, not for a while.
3: Aww, that's too bad.
4: I mean, without you, our power's basically halved.
5: Kyouhei-san, I'd like to introduce Udou Yumeko to you. She'll be my replacement.
6: I'm Udou Yumeko. I'm looking forward to working with you, boss!!
sfx: bow
7: B... boss?!
8: B-but... she's just a little girl...

1: She's my niece. We can communicate through telepathy.
sfx: sniff
2: Wooow. Really?
3: She also has the ability to read the minds of other people.
4: That sounds pretty cool! Alright, I know, tell me what I'm thinking about right now! I'll believe you if you get right! Hahahahahaha!!
5: D... do I have to say it?
6: Hm?!
7: Y-you think I'm cute.
8: A-and you really want to kiss me...

1: Gyoeeeehhh!!
2: A-and...
3: Uwaaahhh! Stop! Stop, no more!
4: Gahagaha! Dohahahaha! Nuhahaha!
5: Well, Kyouhei-san? Don't you think she'll be the perfect replacement for me?
6: I'm surprised, but yeah... Kyouhei-san, I think she might even be a stronger ally than Hakkemi himself.
7: Mmm.
8: Hey, you didn't have to go that far, Dan! And Kyouhei-san! I can't believe you'd agree with him!
9: Ahahahahaha!

sfx: stomp
sfx: strut

sfx: clamor
1: Su... Sugata!!
2: And he's with Dan Tsukumo and Kaneda, the fool!!

1: But how could he know that this hotel is where the Supreme Commander's staying...?
2: Hm?!
3: Th-that's Sugata's army!
4: There's no doubt about it now! They've come to make a preemptive strike!
sfx: dash
5: This is really bad!!

1: I guess this hotel isn't famous for nothing!
2: Yeah! Just once, I'd like to stay in a place as nice as this!
3: You fools! Did you forget what Juumonji-san told us?
4: We need to guard Kyouhei-san from the shadows and make sure he doesn't notice us.
5: S... sorry.
6: Assassins might be waiting here for him.

sign: Swan Hall
1: H-here, this is it, bro!
sfx: clap
2: I really want to thank you all for coming here to help me celebrate my birthday party.
3: Thanks to you, this 16th birthday of mine has been a real treat.

1: Bro, you're really going to leave already?
2: Don't you think you should at least hand the flowers to Azusa-chan yourself?
3: No... I just can't force myself to stay in such a bright place.
4: Kyouhei!!
5: Seeee, she caught you!
6: I knew you'd come! I'm so glad!
7: Wh... who's that girl behind you?
8: Huh?

1: What?! Sugata's army is in the hotel?!
sfx: thunk
2: Y-yes. Please inform the Supreme Commander at once!
3: Unfortunately, he isn't here right now.
4: But that's perfect!!
sfx: throb
5: Koki! You take Sugata! I'm gonna kill Dan!!


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