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#121 / Attack of the Death Doctrine Cult!!


tl by danluffey

#121 / Attack of the Death Doctrine Cult!!

sfx: roaaaaarrr

sfx: graaaaaahhhh

sfx: rumble
sfx: glance
sfx: nod
sfx: fwap
1: Wahh!

1: I wouldn't get any funny ideas if I were you.
2: You couldn't possibly have forgotten the horrific power of Muha Metto already, could you?
3: N-no, absolutely not! We're fine!
4: I would hope so.
5: Your job is to exterminate Sugata Kyouhei. And my job is to watch you do it.
6: We have one thousand on our side, while Tougai barely has a hundred...
7: The victor should already be apparent!

1: The reason I called you all here today is to talk about Sugata Kyouhei, as well as the group of international schools called the Death Doctrine Cult who have been going around and taking over other high schools. I want to know what you all think we should do.
2: Isn't it obvious?! If we just let those goddamn foreigners do as they please, the reputation of the alliance will be ruined! We need to crush them at once!
sfx: wham
3: Or... depending on how you look at it, this could be the perfect chance for us to crush Sugata Kyouhei.
4: What do you mean, Saitama?

1: If we let them be, Sugata and the cult will eventually clash. And whoever wins certainly won't be able to do it unscathed. That's when we'll jump in, and...
2: I see. Good thinking.
sfx: smirk
3: Sorry Chiba, but I guess we won't be needing your services just yet.

1: The enemy has at least 1000 on their side, while we have less than 100!
2: We're going to need more than two or three men to take care of this battle!
3: But I want to leave the choice up to you. Decide for yourselves whether or not you want to fight!
sfx: clatter
4: Please, wait a moment, Kyouhei-san!!
5: Our lives are completely in your hands!
6: If you tell us to die, then we'll die! Whenever you want us to!
7: Right, everyone?!
8: Yeaaah! That's right!

1: Th-thanks, everyone.
2: You know what they say, Kyouhei-san. Never judge a battle until you put your boots on!
3: Dan!!
4: We sent out an emergency call to all the other schools that pledged allegiance to you. A huge reinforcement army should be here before you know it!
sfx: dash
5: Bro!! Hakkemi's here!!
6: Hakkemi?!

1: This is a small-scale map of the area.
2: We have two possible ways to fight this battle. The first would be to hole up inside Tougai and wait for the reinforcements.
3: The second would be to hide in a suitable space and try to ambush the army.
4: A suitable space?
5: I think this bridge here would be perfect for this kind of ambush.
6: Tokaido Bridge!!
7: It's 750m long, and the enemy has no choice but to keep moving forward along it! There's no way for them to surround us there.
8: I see... if things go well...
9: The enemy has spread their army between ten convoys. If we face them head on, we will be destroyed within ten minutes.

1: Wh... what?!
sfx: clamor
2: I see it... yes, I see it now!
3: What?!
4: The sun illuminates a black sea... and soon, the black sea transforms into a blazing sea of gold!
5: Wh-what's that supposed to mean?!
6: The black sea is probably gasoline. And the sun is fire! in other words, our key to victory is fire!!
7: Fire...?!
8: I have just gotten a very good idea.
9: Let me explain...

1: [-The Tokaido Bridge-

sfx: fwooooom

sfx: vrooooooom
1: Wahh!
2: The ten convoy army has just passed the third block!!
3: They will reach the bridge in about five minutes!
4: Roger!!
5: They're here, Kyouhei-san!

1: Alright...
2: Start the plan! Everyone, get in your places!!
sfx: vrooooom

sfx: screeeeech
sfx: psssssh
sfx: creaaaaaak
1: What the?! The bridge is completely deserted!
2: There isn't a single person on it!
3: Hey, look! There's someone at the other end!
4: What?!

sfx: bam
1: Th... that's...
2: Su...
3: Sugata Kyouhei!!

1: So that's the No. 1 man in Tokyo, Sugata Kyouhei!
2: If he really thinks he can stop these convoys with those trucks, I must have been overestimating him!
3: If we crush him, all the other schools in Tokyo will bow at our feet! Looks like we'll be able to conquer Tokyo much sooner than we expected!
4: What are you waiting for? Tally ho! Stick him in a metal sandwich!!
5: All convoys, chaaaaaaarge!!

sfx: vroooom
1: Uoooohhhh
sfx: gwaaaahhhh

1: It's only a matter of time now until e take over Tokyo! I don't care how strong that Sugata Kyouhei man will be... it's clear now that he is no match for the great Muha Mettoooooo!
2: Gwaaaahahahahahahahaha!


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