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#112 / The 6 Directors' Decision!!


tl by danluffey

#112 / The 6 Directors' Decision!!

1: [Saitama Prefecture Director - Kisaragi Ryuuji
2: [Kanagawa Prefecture Director - Natsuki Shun
3: [Ibaraki Prefecture Director - Shimon Masakatsu
4: [Chiba Prefecture Director - Nishikiori Jin

1: [Tochigi Prefecture Director - Murosaki Kyouzou
2: [Gunma Prefecture Director - Naruse Tekka

1: I never would have expected that the Tokyo HQ, the center of operations for the entire Eastern japan Alliance, could have been toppled by a single amateur like that!
2: Now, now... you all saw that guy. He wasn't just some punk.
3: Of all people, Yui was defeated! Although... now that I think about it, it's only natural that he lost.
4: What do you mean, Gunma?
5: Did you forget already, Kanagawa? That guy jumped straight off a 100m building!! And then he got up as if it was nothing! He's invincible...

sfx: wham
1: What in tarnation's going on here?!
2: You think there's really such a thing as an invincible man, huh?!
3: What's next?! You gonna tell me he's a zombie or a cyborg or something?!

1: Have you nincompoops all forgotten that you're the all-powerful 6 Directors of Eastern Japan?!
2: Don't blow a gasket, Chiba.
3: The Supreme Commander will return soon... but. We have three choices as to what we do next.
4: Three choices?!
5: #1. Destroy Sugata Kyouhei ourselves before the Supreme Commander returns.
6: #2. Wait until the Supreme Commander returns and obey his orders.

1: Or #3.
2: Accept Sugata Kyouhei as the new Director of Tokyo!!
3: What?!
4: Have you gone mad, Saitamaaa?!
5: Mad?
6: I was only speaking the obvious.

1: Think about it.
2: Sugata Kyouhei defeated Director Yui in one-on-one combat, fair and square. And we were there to see it.
3: So he becomes the successor, eh...?
4: But there's no way the 600 Commanders will stand for that.
5: Perhaps they might. From the way it looked to me, close to half, or perhaps even more than that were on his side by the end.
6: Which means that we couldn't exterminate him without taking some precautions.

1: Uuuu...
2: You chickeeeens!!
3: You're really that scared of Sugata Kyouhei?!
sfx: wham
4: Whaaat?!
5: Who are you calling a chicken?!
6: Those are fighting words!
7: Let's hear you say that one more time, Chiba!!

1: Let's just allow everyone to make their own decision, then.
2: How does that sound?
3: Gufu...
4: Gufufufu!
5: Fine by me! But let me just give you all a news flash: Chiba's Director, Nishikiori Jin is gonna kill Sugata Kyouhei, mark my words! Don't come crying to me later!!

sfx: strut

sfx: shout
1: Su... Sugata!
2: It's Sugata Kyouhei!
3: It's Sugata! It's Sugata!
4: Thaaat's it! Outta the way! Gahahaha!
5: Stop it, Blue Demon! You're acting just like the thugs at the old Tougai used to act!
6: O-oh, right! Sorry!
7: 'scuse me, 'scuse me! Sorry about all the trouble! Would you mind letting us by?

1: Hey, did you hear? Sugata beat the alliance director in a one-on-one match!
2: Did YOU hear? A whole 400 Commanders went over to his side!
3: F-four hundred?! And since the alliance only lets in schools that have at least 100 students, that means... 400 x 100 = 40,000...
4: Woaaaahhh! Y-you mean that he now has at least 40,000 followers?!
5: Geeehhh!
6: I knew he was different from the rest!
7: But still, I never thought he'd be able to rise that high!
sfx: cheer

sfx: screech
sfx: squeaaaal
1: Uwaaaahhh!
2: Kyaaaaa!

sfx: whaaaam
1: Brooo, watch ouuuut!
sfx: fwooosh
2: Waahh!
sfx: smack
sfx: vrooom

sfx: Hoooooh
sfx: grab
1: Howaaaahhh

sfx: gwaaaahhhh
1: Uwaaaaahhhh!

sfx: hop
sfx: hop
sfx: kabooooooom


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