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#82 / Family Bonds!!


tl by danluffey

#82 / Family Bonds!!

sfx: whooooo

sfx: drip
sfx: fssssh
sfx: rumble
sfx: clack

sfx: fwap

sfx: rattle
sfx: tick
sfx: jerk

label: Kaiba Junpei
1: Your father, Junpei, wasn't some weak...
2: If the owner of this uniform, Kaiba Junpei, was my father,
3: then who is Sugata Gouzou, the man I always thought was my real father?
sfx: knock

1: It's me, Kyouhei...
2: Are you asleep?!
sfx: click
3: Father...
4: I have something important to tell you.

1: We don't need lights.
2: Keep it dark.
3: Looks like the day has finally come.
4: It's now time for me to tell you everything about your origin.
5: First, I must start off by saying...
6: that you and I are not blood relatives!!

sfx: step
1: Kyouhei...
2: Your real father is a man named Kaiba Junpei.
3: /It's grandfather!
4: What could he possibly be doing with Kyouhei so late...

1: I first met your father, Kaiba Junpei, 17 years ago...
2: At the time, I was traveling around and trying to invest my money in things by absorbing all the small and weak companies that I could.
3: I did some very highhanded things at the time,
4: and I probably made more than a few people cry in the shadows...
5: But everything I did then is what allowed the Sugata Conglomerate to rise to begin one of the five great conglomerates in Japan!!

1: Sometimes, people who come after my life.
2: More and more only seemed to appear as I hunted them down. And so, the wirepullers of the conglomerate world who were indignant about my success continued to send assassins after me, one after another.
3: Of course, I always took several bodyguards with me wherever I went.
4: But perfection does not exist in this world.
5: One summer, I took my wife and young granddaughters out to an estate in Karuizawa in order to escape the heat.
sfx: bzzzz

sfx: whoooom
sfx: wham
1: Uwaaaaaahhh!
sfx: crrrrunch

sfx: squeal
sfx: wham
sfx: squeal
1: Stop the car!!
sfx: click
2: CEO!!
sfx: fwooooom
3: Wahhh!

sfx: slam
sfx: screech
sfx: hop
sfx: dash

1: They had to pull me out from the car.
2: My wife had a chronic heart disease,
3: and she died initially from the shock.
4: Both of my granddaughters were also on their last breaths!!
5: The men came toward me and started yelling something,
6: but since I had hit my head hard, I couldn't hear them.

1: First, the driver was beat to death with steel pipes and wooden swords.
2: Then, my turn came...
3: As my consciousness faded, I thought it was a fitting end for me, to lie here and die like this under the grudge of all those that I had crushed in order to secure my own footholds to success.
4: That's when it happened...
5: A piercing roar like that of a lion's ripped through the silence of Karuizawa, and then, the area became filled with the sound of motor engines!!
sfx: roaaaarrr

sfx: fwoooom
sfx: rumble
sfx: crack snap
sfx: vroom

sfx: stomp
1: In the depths of my hell, my savior had appeared...
2: In a long school uniform, the man looked as invigorating as a spring wind. And as the young man stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, he looked absolutely fearless!!

1: That was when I first met your father, Kaiba Junpei!


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