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#78 / A New Assassin!!


tl by danluffey

#78 / A New Assassin!!

sign: Wuhan Chinese High School
sfx: Hooo! Haaah! Toeeeiii

1: Haaaah
sfx: snap
2: Teeeh!
3: Hooohh
sfx: fwap

1: You must not kill him instantly!!
2: Make every attack a tiny needle that kills him slowly!
3: Those are Yui-sama's wishes!
4: Understand, Chintou?!

1: Hao!! (Understood)
2: And after I'm successful, all of Amidabutsu High's duties will be handed over to us!
3: This is the perfect chance to increase Wuhan High's presence in Eastern Japan!
4: Collect information on the man named Sugata Kyouhei at once.
5: Hao!!

1: He is the current Commander of Tougai High, Sugata Kyouhei.
2: His subordinates are ex-Sub-Commander Juumonji Keisuke and ex-Special Forces Captain Dan Tsukumo.
3: Dan was defeated in a double K.O. against Enmou of Amidabutsu High, and is currently hospitalized.
4: Who's that man next to him?
sfx: munch
5: He will be no problem at all. He's nothing more than a little goldfish turd who follows Sugata around.

1: He's trained in some form of martial arts, hasn't he?
sfx: chomp
2: You truly are a genius to be able to tell just by glancing at him, Chintou-sama. As you surmised, he is trained in the ways of the Qigong Fist.
3: What? The Qigong Fist?!
4: And apparently, he seems to have achieved a high level of mastery.
5: We will be able to see just how masterful he is very soon.

1: Wh... who the hell are you?!

sfx: leap
sfx: leap
sfx: dash
1: The Tri-wave Dragon Formation!!
2: It's perfect!

sfx: wham
1: Wahh!
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: slip
2: Hoaaahhh

sfx: zudodododo
1: Gyaaahh
2: Toaaahh
sfx: fwam
sfx: leap
sfx: whiff

1: Iyaaaaaahhh
sfx: smack
2: Haoaaahhhh
3: Uwaaahhh!

sfx: thud
1: Ryaaaahhh
2: Haaaahhh

1: Hohhh
sfx: spin
sfx: zudodododo
2: Uwaahhh
sfx: thud
3: Ahhh!

1: Uuu...
2: Wh-who the hell were they?
3: Probably just goons from the alliance.
4: Don't worry. I avoided hitting any of your vitals. Go return to your boss and tell him this:

1: Fighting will only end up hurting people.
2: The most profitable course of action for both of us would be to stop this meaningless war.
3: Unfortunately, we can't do that.
4: It may seem meaningless to you, but to us, this war has great profit! Kukukuku...

1: Wh-who are you?!
2: I am Commander Chintou of Wuhan High. Yui-sama has ordered us to execute you in place of Amidabutsu High.
3: I saw your Qigong Fist.
4: I wouldn't mind executing you right here, but Yui-sama insists
5: that I take my time, pull of your limbs one by one, and make you suffer before your execution.

1: Say whaaaat?! Them's fightin' words, bub! You've really got some nerve! If you really wanna go, then bring it on! We can take you on no sweat, porky!
2: Goldfish turds won't be hurt if they stay quiet.
3: Wha...
4: Now you've really done it! Time for me to show you what happens to people who anger the Blue Demon of the Eastern Sea!
5: Stop it, Blue Demon!!
6: Let me go, bro!!

sfx: pop
1: Wahh!
2: Kukukukuku... soon, you will experience a smorgasbord of hellish horror. Just you wait...
3: /That was the Psychowave Fist... I've heard rumors about it... Chintou... possesses a terrible power!!


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