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Chapter 68 - Animal Testing


tl by dan luffey

p2-p3: bzzzzzz
1: bzzzzzz

Chapter 68 - Animal Testing

1-4: snap
5: yank
6: splat
7: plop

1-3: squeak

1: pinch
2: sliiiip...
p4: snap
3: glub...

p2: click
1: Good morning.
2: It's me, Aizawa.
3: How are things going,
4: Saitou-sensei?

1: It isn't easy.
2: 20 groups in 3 days means at least 6 a day.
3: Even working 18 hours a day means I can only spend 3 hours on each group.
4: I'm still on my third group today...
5: Any mouse corpses?
6: If so, I'll dispose of them in the storage cabinet.
7: Sorry.
8: They're in the black bag next to the garbage can.
9: rustle

1: slam
2: click
p5: thud
3: That reminds me, Saitou-sensei. Can you report the weight of the corpses as being a little lighter than they actually are?
4: Huh?
5: We have our animal corpses taken care of by an outside company. They measure it in kilos, so please try to lighten the load.
6: rattle
7: Understood.

1: rattle
2-4: nip
5: Why did you decide to become a doctor, sensei?
6: Is that really important?
7: I don't think one needs a reason for wanting to work and make a living.
8-9: nip

1: I'm not really torn or anything,
2: it's just, recently, I've felt myself growing numb.
3: I became a doctor because I wanted to heal wounds and diseases.
4: But that's not what I'm actually doing here.
5: This may contribute to saving human lives, but...
6: These tests adhere to the Cruelty to Animals Act.
7: In order to develop medicine, animal testing is essential.

1: It falls all governmental and societal regulations, and there are no ethical problems with it.
2: We're careful so that animals suffer the least amount possible.
3: If someone's against animal testing, they shouldn't accept any sort of medicine, huh?
4: All modern medicine exists thanks to animal sacrifices.
5: I know all that.
6: I know that this is necessary for the development of medicine...
7: It's just...sometimes, I feel that humans are so selfish.
8: Even though...I'm human too...

1: OK, so you may not need a reason to be a doctor.
2: Why do you keep working as a doctor then, sensei?
3: Guilt...
4: There's only one "absolute" in this world.
5: Do you know what it is?
6: What?

1: The rate of human death.
2: All humans die.
3: There has still never been a human who has achieved immortality.
4: What are you trying to say?
5: If we all die in the end,
6: then what are doctors here for?

1: Is medicine pointless?
2: I didn't say that.
3: Medicine has continued to serve a definite purpose.
4: Vaccines protect the human race from epidemics.
5: It's also true that developments in medicine have saved many lives.
6: I just asked a simple question.
7: Why do we have doctors?
8: Grass and trees continue to grow without their own doctors.
9: Animals also survive.
10: And even with doctors,
11: humans continue to die.

1: Does that mean...
2: that doctors are only toying with human lives?
3: I've always felt like I've been doing something bad.
4: Wondering if it's really alright for me to accept money for things like this.
5: fsssh
6: I still haven't found the answer.
7: That's the only reason I'm still a doctor.

1: snicker
2: Finally, you said something that sounds like the Saitou-sensei I've heard about.
3: People always said you were a man of soliloquies.
4: At first, you were nothing like how I expected you to be.
5: I had always heard that you were really passionate, almost oppressive at times.
6: Hey, sensei. Are you sure we can't have dinner sometime?
7: I really like getting to the bottom of people who don't talk much, you know.
8: Can you stop that? I'm in the middle of an experiment.
9: Awww, you're embarrassed?
p6: knock
10: teeter

1: crash
2: Wah!
3: Oh no!!

1-2: squeak
3: Hey!!
4: Don't go under there!!
p3: scurry
5: Saitou-sensei! Don't just sit there, please, help me!!
6: Hey, wait!! You rats!!

1-3: klak
4: Who are you?

p2: thud
1: Gyaaaahhh!
2: click
p5: jerk

1: Are you alright? Hey!
2: Aizawa-kun!


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