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Chapter 40 - A Small 17


tl by dan luffey

1: Back then, dialysis technology wasn't like it is now.
2: Toxins in her blood
3: were filtered out with the necessary components for her growth.
4: When a child starts dialysis,
5: their maturation ends.
6: This photograph was taken when she was 17,
7: but she looks just the same as she did when she started dialysis, when she was 10.

Chapter 40 - A Small 17

p1: vroooom
1: Did you go to school at Eiroku?
2: Ah...yes.
3: I went to Tokyo University.
4: I came to Eiroku because I wanted to research kidney transplanting.
5: At the time, Tokyo U already had its own urology department.
6: There were too many men at the top for me to dream that I'd someday be standing with them, promoting my own research. And at the time, Eiroku lacked its own independent urology department.

1-2: click
3: Where are we going?
p4: Musashiyama Sun Heights
5: squeak

1: This is my house.
2: Mind coming in for a bit?
3: Umm...
4: Just relax.
5: I live alone.

1-2: plop
3: Well, drink up.

1: The first thing I did after coming to Eiroku
2: was open a kidney disease research group aimed toward doctors in other departments.
3: I'd rent out a conference room every week
4: to explain the importance of transplants and try to impart knowledge about renal failure.
5: I could never round up enough doctors, though.
6: Only about 2-3 nurses and technicians each time.
7: I kept it going for a year,
8: but Eiroku doctors are pretty cold to people from other universities.
9: So I was never able to gather more people.
10: But to tell you the truth, that's exactly what I was after.

1: In the end, I made sure no one was able to say anything about kidneys.
2: I became the only doctor in all of Eiroku who could call himself a kidney specialist.
3: That's what allowed me
4: to create the urology department.
5: What's wrong?
6: Not interested in an old man's stories, huh?
7: No...
8: It's just my first time being invited into the home of someone like you, Professor.

1: I divorced my wife over a decade ago.
2: There's no point in having a big house to myself, so I moved here.
3: When I came here all those years ago, the room seemed too bare to me, so I bought a painting.
4: When I look at it,
5: I always think...
6: My life is also a single painting.
7: After I devoted all my time to medicine, this is all that remains.

1: You're quite modest.
2: Renal failure treatment used to be an underdeveloped field, you know.
3: One doctor may have focused on dialysis, while another focused on transplant research.
4: In any case, everyone was simply racking their brains thinking about what to do about kidney transplants.
5: Of course, I had no time to worry about my family.
6: I was too busy trying everything I could, like transplanting dog kidneys.
7: That's about the time my daughter's illness was discovered.
p: fsssh

1: When she started dialysis, she stopped growing.
2: At the time, the trends were heading toward brain dead organ transplants...

1: So what you're basically saying is...
2: you had sexual intercourse with your female patient at her home in order to celebrate her recovery and deepen your relationship...
3: Then your co-worker Mutsumi-chan suddenly discovered you and assaulted you.
4: We did not have actual sexual intercourse.
5: When she began to suddenly take off her clothes, her symptoms suddenly returned, so I began to nurse her.
6: Alright, alright.
7: If she really was interested in it too, then I won't make any more of this. I'll take care of the rest, so just be more careful from now on, will you?

1: Isn't it about time you settled down,
2: Kondou-kun?
3: You're skilled, but you need better self-control.
4: There's nothing more embarrassing than having trouble with women.
5: Here we are.
p: rattle

1: Miwa.
2: I brought a new doctor. Say hello to him.

1: Hold on a minute.
2: I'm doing card fortunetelling right now.
3: Fortunetelling?
4: What do you want to know?
5: How I'll get along with my new doctor.
6: It's just for fun.
7: Ahhh...this is bad.
8: You should probably go get a new doctor, papa.
9: Nice to meet you, Miwa-chan.
10: I'm your new supervising doctor, Kondou.

1: Nice to meet you,
2: I'm Takanawa Miwa.
3: What a cruel twist of fate...
4: Figures, my own daughter would come to need a kidney transplant.
5: Professor...
6: What did you want to talk to me about?

1: 3 days ago,
2: a young man was carried in on an ambulance.
3: He had an accident while swimming on the beach that gave him severe brain damage.
4: Currently, he can't breathe on his own, and is practically brain dead.
5: I want to transplant his kidney...
6: into my daughter...
7: And I want to ask you to do the surgery.

1: What proof do you have that the young man's kidney will fit with your daughter?

1: I already got in touch with the paramedics.
2: They took a blood sample and did a test.
3: When I found out that my daughter needed a transplant,
4: my wife and I each immediately got tests done.
5: But our kidneys won't fit with our daughter,
6: which means we have no choice but to take one from someone else.
7: From as fresh a corpse as possible...

1: What about the ethics committee?
2: I find it very hard to believe that the committee would be OK
3: with you extracting a kidney from a brain dead young man to save your daughter.
4: At the time being, brain dead organ transplants
5: are not strictly prohibited by law.
6: Not only that, but the JST is trying to promote it.
7: Organ transplant specialists are practically begging us
8: to do as many transplants from brain dead patients that we can.

1: These days, the tables are tipping in favor of brain dead organ transplants.
2: Does brain death truly mean the death of a human?
3: Is transplant medicine or murder?
4: The kidney holds the answer to these questions.
5: There are two kidneys in everyone's body. Taking one out does not equal death
6: In order to prove that there's nothing wrong with brain dead organ transplants,
7: kidney transplants should be at the forefront.
8: If we can put the JST's policies at the forefront, we should be able to clear the ethics examination.

1: I want you to convince the brain dead young man's parents
2: to give us permission to extract his kidney.
3: How you do it is up to you.
4: Remember, the success of this transplant will be YOUR success.

1-5: beep

1: Wow.
2: You actually got here early for once.


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