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---Page 1---
(Logo at Top Right with Character): Comic Terminal
(Title at Bottom of Page): Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 2---
*No text to translate—Include the following notes*
Translator Notes—Please Read!

Japanese names are written in their original order, with the family name coming before the given name. In other words, it’s…
[Last name] [First name]

“...-kun” is a less formal version of “...-san” and can show a difference in stature (the person of higher stature would use this for the person of lower stature) or a friendly relationship, to name only a couple uses.

---Page 3---
Under “Contents”: Someone Comes to Kill Me
Flesh Doll
The Green Coffin
Wishing Meat

---Page 4---
R: [Just what is it?]
(Text on Sign): Third Prefectural Junior High School

TL: [Lately, I often get the sense that someone is watching me.]

BC: Mina!

BL: Morn...

---Page 5---
T: ing.

B (Title Text): Wrapping

---Page 6---
TR: SFX: Turn

TL: What is it?
...It’s nothing.
It’s just that I feel like someone’s watching me a lot lately.
ML: It’s just your imagination.

B: Anyway, Valentine’s Day is coming up, right?
Oh, yeah.

---Page 7---
TR: Will I have something to look forward to?*

TL: Yup.
[It’s been one month since I started going out with Isamu-kun.]

BR: [For the first time since I was born, I have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t be happier.]
I’ll buy some chocolate on my way home from our date tomorrow *Note to letterer: Make sure you keep the heart at the end of this line ;)*

BL: SFX: Open

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: Isamu doesn’t say so explicitly, but the implication is that he wants to know whether or not she will be giving him chocolate on Valentine’s Day. In Japan, women give chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), and on White Day (one month later, March 14th), men give chocolate to the girl(s) who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

---Page 8---
TL: Wh-

ML: Who’s there?!

BL: SFX: Slide

---Page 9---
T: SFX (Squiggly text by window): Silence

M: I... imagined

BR: [Footprints?!]

BL: [There really was someone there!!]
SFX (by nose): Shock

---Page 10---
T 1 L: Sorry I made you wait.

T 2 M: It’s fine...
Hm? You seem down. What’s wrong?

T 2 L: It’s just that yesterday...

M: Your story just now, maybe...
(Text on sign – top sign): D Electronics
(Text on sign – bottom sign): (Line on the right): Big screen TVs (Line on the left): Computers•Ca

B: we’re being watched.

---Page 11---
R: (Sign at top): Internet Free Trial
Won’t you try out the Web as well?

TC: They’re looking at us, right?
Ah... Yeah.

TL: ?!

ML: SFX: Dash

BL: Wha-What’s the matter, Isamu?
What... is this?

---Page 12---
T: [That would be this girl.]

BR: M-My picture?!
It’s on a website!

ML: (Text on computer screen): Valentine Wrapping Homepage
This picture

BL: (Computer text): This homepage features my diary and pictures of the chocolates I wrap up daily.

links to this homepage’s diary.

---Page 13---
T: Why...?

Diary Entry 1:
February 8th
Today, muddy water was put in my slippers. I guess M-I really can't forgive me for being I-kun's girlfriend.
Today’s wrapping picture
(Please click)

Diary Entry 2:
February 9th
M-I is always looking at me. She’s watching out to make sure my relationship with I-kun doesn’t develop any further. She even came to my room to peek at me... I’m scared. She’s so scary.

Diary Entry 3:
February 10th
And now, I feel that my health is in danger—M-I pushed me down the stairs.

B: No... way. “M-I” is me and “I” is you?
Lies! I definitely haven’t done anything like this! The one who’s being watched is me!!
...I know.

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: The Japanese is clearer about this part since it blends romaji in with the hiragana and kanji, but it’s less obvious in English (where all of the characters are Roman). “M” and “I” are initials, so don’t mistake “I-kun” for the pronoun “I” that refers to oneself.

---Page 14---
Diary Entry (first black box):
February 11th
Thank you for sending me so many encouraging e-mails. Among them, many expressed a desire to know M-I’s true identity. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’ve decided that I will reveal her name and picture. This is for my own safety.
This is that girl’s picture. (Please click)

Diary Entry (second black box): M-I’s name is Isawa Mina.

B: Right?
It really is her.
It’s truuue.

---Page 15---
(Main panel): I hope she drops dead.

---Page 16---
C: Ah......

L: Nooooo!

---Page 17---
TR: Tajima may have done this.

TL: Ta...jima? (Hic)
...I’m sorry for not saying anything.

M: I... Last year, I got some Valentine chocolates from a girl in my class named Tajima.

BR: I didn’t like her though, so I threw away the chocolates without opening them.
After that, she started following me around.
But when I started going out with you, she stopped appearing, so I thought she had given up.

BL: (Hic)
(Hic) You mean... she changed targets to me?

---Page 18---
TR: I’m sorry.

R (Main Panel): I’ll protect you, so don’t worry.
SFX: Squeeze

ML: Okay.

---Page 19---
TL: It sure is late.

ML: [For now, I’ll try to get in touch with Tajima. I’ll call or e-mail you to let you know how it goes.]
Maybe he e-mailed me.

BC 1: You have one e-mail.

BC 2: [Why is it from Tajima?!]

BL: (Text on button with arrow): Attachment
SFX: Click
Image file(s) attached.

---Page 20---
TR: SFX: Loading

BR: Isamu?!

BL: Ahhh!

---Page 21---
T: What is that girl doing to Isamu?!
(Text on Isamu’s picture): Isamu-kun’s in my house right now *Note to letterer: Include the heart*

BR: SFX: Clatter

MC: [It really was]
[all her!]

ML: Hey, Mina!! Where are you going so late?!

BL: [I won’t let her get away with this.]

---Page 22---
TR (corner): (Text on sign): Tajima

TR: [If anything happens to Isamu, she’s gonna pay!]
Tajima! Get out here!

BR: ...The door
is unlocked.

TL: Hey! Where’s Isamu?

BC: [Is it that room?!]

BL: Isamu, speak to me!

---Page 23---
R: I know you’re here!

TC: Isamu!

---Page 24---
L: What...
is this...?

---Page 25---
TR: These are Valentine chocolates for Isamu-kun.

TL: I think the reason Isamu-kun threw out my chocolates without opening them last year is that he didn’t like the wrapping.

M: That’s why this year, I was thinking I would give him the one that’s wrapped the best in this room.
But there’s not a single one I have confidence in.

BR: Where are you hiding?! Show yourself!!
SFX: Bash

BL: Ughhh...
[That’s Isamu’s voice!!]

---Page 26---
TR: Isamu!

MR: Move and I’ll stab him.

TL: I love Isamu-kun, so I don’t want to kill him like I did Papa and Momma.
All I did was tie up Isamu-kun, and they started screaming and shouting.
It was really annoying.
(bottom right corner, single character bubble): Wha-

B: What are you saying?
[She’s really insane, isn’t she?!]

---Page 27---
TR: Ughhh...
Aww... Sorry for scaring you, Isamu-kun. To apologize, I’ll continue what I was doing before.
It seemed like you were really enjoying it.

TC (x2, panel with rattling present): SFX: Rattle

TL: Ughhh...

B: (Heh heh) I’m so happy my hand can make you feel this good.
SFX: Snap

---Page 28---
TR: You...

TL: SFX: Bash
Don’t you touch him!

MR (small triangle panel): Ughhh...

BR (large panel): Isamu!!

BL: I’ll untie the ropes now, so...

---Page 29---
R: SFX: Stab

TL: Wha?
This year,

ML: I want to give Isamu-kun chocolate in wrapping he’ll like.
SFX (x2): Drip

BL: [No...]

---Page 30---
R: [way...]

C: (Aha)

TL: It’s a good thing I bought a lot of chocolates.

BL: Using Isamu-kun’s favorite toy as wrapping is good and all, but the container is really big, so I almost ran out of chocolates.
SFX (x2): Click

---Page 31---
TR: But it looks like he really likes this year’s chocolates *Note to letterer: Include the heart*

TL: (Ahahahahahaha)

B: (Ahahahahahaha)
(Website text at top of website page): Today’s Wrapping
(Website text at bottom of website page): I tried scraping out the meat bag and stuffing the chocolates inside it.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
(Small box at bottom center of entire page): <<Wrapping>> The End

---Page 32---
*Skip this page*

---Page 33---
Someone Comes to Kill Me
Kamishiro Kyouko


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