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#70 / The New Commander's Ordeal!!


tl by danluffey

#70 / The New Commander's Ordeal!!

sfx: May the lord have mercy.

1: Amidabutsu High, aka the Servants of Hell! I see my fears were not misplaced!
2: You sons of bitches... you're gonna pay for what you did to the Commander!
3: If you have any lingering attachments to this world, then I advise you not to defy us.
4: Just who the hell do you think you are?!
5: If the Commander was still alive, I'd think about it, but...

1: You think I'd have any regrets after what you did?!
sfx: clink
sfx: fwoom
2: Uooooohhhh

sfx: snap
1: Toooaaaahh
sfx: smack

sfx: thud
1: Ahhh!
sfx: snap
2: Mercyyyyy!
sfx: dwahhh

sfx: crack snap
sfx: thud
sfx: May Lord Have Mercy
1: Y-you monsters... you monsterrrrrrs!
2: How dare youuu?!
sfx: chik...
3: Uoooohhh

1: Stoooooop!!
sfx: fhip
sfx: smash

sfx: thud
1: They were both Sub-Commanders from Tako High...
2: If only they hadn't fallen prey to their own foolishness, one of them may have risen to become the new Commander..
3: May Lord Have Mercy. May Lord Have Mercy. May Lord Have Mercy.
4: Th-this is inhuman...
sfx: grip...

1: Are you... Sugata Kyouhei?
2: I am!!
3: Attention Sugata Kyouhei!!
4: We order you to surrender yourself to the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ tomorrow!!
5: Since when do we take orders from you, baldy?!
6: If you've got a problem, then what are you waiting for?! Come and attack us right now!!
sfx: jangle
7: Eeep!

1: Unless you wish to go to Hell, be still!!
2: Uwaaahhh!
sfx: fwap
3: If you ignore our orders, then misfortune will befall innocent Tougai students.
sfx: grin

1: I heard...
2: that you can use the Qigong Fist.
3: If possible, I'd love to see if it's more powerful than my Almighty Rosary Fist.
4: Now, we have delivered our message!!
5: May Lord Have Mercy!
sfx: May Lord Have Mercy

sign: Tako High Commander Kikumine Kanji Funeral

sfx: dash
1: He's here! He's heeere!
2: Sugata from Tougai is heeeere!
3: Stop, you three! You are not to take another step into this funeral hall!!

1: That's right! Go away!!
2: This is all your fault!!
3: The truth is, we don't even want to let you walk home free! Do have any idea how angry we all feel?! Uuu...
4: I-I told you, bro... we shouldn't have come here! Let's hurry up and split!
5: Everyone, I understand exactly how you feel.
6: B... bro?!

1: Please, do whatever you like to me!
2: /Sugata-kun...!!
3: Ohhhhh! Well said! Don't mind if we do, then! At the very least, it should help our Commander rest in peace!

1: Now die, and go apologize to him!!
sfx: thwack
2: Uoohh
3: Fuck you! You little piece of shit!
4: It's all your fault that the Commander died!
5: If only you hadn't been there, none of that would have happened!
sfx: wham bam
6: Am I wrong?! Huh?! I'm right, aren't I?!

1: Th-they're gonna kill him! They're gonna kill him, Juumonji-san!
sfx: whap
2: You motherfucker!!
sfx: whap smack
sfx: grab
3: S... Sub-Commander!!
4: That's it. You've done enough.
5: Brooooo!!
6: P-please, don't stop him... let him keep going until he feels better.

1: I can't do that, Sugata-san.
2: You've been ordered to go to the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ, haven't you?
3: Do you know what will happen to us if we happen to off you before you can go there?
4: Or what will happen if we anger the alliance director, Yui Kyousuke? He'll send his executioners after us at once. Amidabutsu High will come here and kill every last one of us.
5: Every Commander from every school also obeys his every order. Sugata-san, take my advice -- you should leave Eastern Japan at once! Otherwise, you'll end up just how Commander Kikumine did...
6: B... broooo!
7: /If this Director Yui can even make the Commanders quiver in fear, then just what kind of a man is he?!

sign: Kougetsu Style Flower Arrangement Dojo
sfx: tok

1: Hey, Sugata-san, did you hear?
2: Hear what?!
3: Tonight, someone is taking the place of our usual teacher.
4: Oh my!
5: Hey, is it a woman or a man?
6: It's a young man, of course! And apparently he comes from a very noble family.
7: Wooow, really? Yaaay!
8: Your teacher has arrived.
sfx: slip

1: Please, come in,
2: Yui-sama.


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