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The Green Coffin

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---Page 1---
(Logo at Top Right with Character): Comic Terminal
(Title at Bottom of Page): Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 2---
*No text to translate—Include the following notes*
Translator Notes—Please Read!

“…-san” is kept from the original Japanese text as a signifier of relationship between characters. “-san” is appended to names in a variety of circumstances. You can think of it as showing standard formality.

“...-kun” is a less formal version of “...-san” and can show a difference in stature (the person of higher stature would use this for the person of lower stature) or a friendly relationship, to name only a couple uses.

Furigana – This is text written alongside kanji that most frequently simply lets you know the proper reading of the kanji. Sometimes, as you will see in this chapter if you read the translator notes, furigana is used to offer the pronunciation of a different word, imbuing the word or phrase with additional meaning.

---Page 3---
Under “Contents”: Someone Comes to Kill Me
Flesh Doll
The Green Coffin
Wishing Meat

---Page 4---
(Top Left of Page): The Green Coffin
TR: Mom, where are you?
SFX: Rustle

MR: Mo......

---Page 5---
(Title at Bottom of Page): The Green Coffin

---Page 6---
T: [I got married last month.]
[My husband was married once before, has a son, and on top of all that, he's also the eldest son in his family.]
[I was anxious, and people around us opposed it, but we shook it all off and tied the knot.]

BR: [However...]
Grandpa, you can’t eat thaaat.

MC: I know it's sweet, but it's medicine—not food!

BC: [Mentally, my father-in-law is reverting to a near-childlike state, and caring for him is pretty difficult.]

BL: Takami-san.

---Page 7---
TR: It’s time to take Grandpa for a walk. Wanna go together?
[But my husband’s son, Akira-kun, is a good kid, which really helps.]

TL: My, what a spacious garden.

M: Grandpa Ichirobee's name is so old-fashioned, isn't it?
I always imagined that my husband's family would have a Japanese garden when I got married.
Are you disappointed ‘cause it’s such a mess?
Not at all.

BR/BC: Well, I think it could certainly do with a little more tending...

BL: ...I guess so.

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: Ichirobee – the “-bee” is read more like the English “bay”—not “bee,” as in the insect.

---Page 8---
TR: /Huh?/
[Did I say something that hurt his feelings?]

MR: Hey! Whenever we get a chance, let's build a bench for the garden together.

TL: Instead of making Grandpa rely solely on the wheelchair, I think it would be better to let him walk around on his own.
He'll probably get tired quickly though, so we should just let him walk a little bit for a breather.

BR: [Oh, good. Looks like it was just my imagination.]
Let’s make a bench!
A really cute one!

BL: Vuuu...

---Page 9---
TR: Vaaaa...

TC: Do you want to eat those persimmons, Grandpa?
You can’t.

TL: Those permissions are so tiny, yet their seeds are stupidly huge, so there's hardly any fruit in them.

BR: Ohhh.
It only bore large fruit once.

ML: That garden...

BL: If we worked on it a little bit, I wonder if we could make it better.

---Page 10---
TR: Yeah...
I think so too, but Akira’s against it.

TL: My wife*...
Akira’s mother took care of that garden while she was alive.

M: !
It’s a garden that was taken care of by an amateur, so it lacks cohesion.
There are a lot of things, like wild grasses, growing, but it seems like it holds a lot of memories for Akira.

BR: [So that’s why...]
...I guess so.

BL: That reminds me. Is there something special about the persimmon tree?

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: The kanji spell out the name of his first wife, Yuriko, but this word includes furigana that say “wife.”

---Page 11---
TR: Uh... Hmm.
I wonder.

TL: [Why was]
[he acting like that?]
Maybe it’s some sort of special type of persimmon tree......
I guess I’ll try looking it up in a botanical encyclopedia.

M: ...Plea...

BR: Akira-kun?
SFX: Jolt

BL: Ah!

---Page 12---
TR: Checking something?
Yeah, but I’m done.

M: I’m really particular about this kind of thing.
(When you put away a book, the spine should face you)

BR: (Visible text on book): Album

B (Main): Yuriko-san's photo album!!

---Page 13---
T: [Akira-kun......]
[Just now, he was secretly]
[looking at this.]

M: [Faint loneliness]

BR: [and frustration have etched their way into his heart.]
I’m not his real mother, after all.
SFX: Squeeze

BL: Wouldn’t it be better to build it in a more sunny area?

---Page 14---
TR: But if the sunlight’s too strong, it’ll be bad for Grandpa’s health.
That’s very true.

TC: This fruit smells really sweet.

TL 1: Hey, can you eat this?
Hmmm, I wonder.
Well, the ants are attracted by the scent.

TL 2: Ah.

B (Main): ......Poor thing.

BL: SFX: Grab

---Page 15---
T: Huh?

MR: W... What?
If you let it escape, the spider will be the poor thing.

ML: It went to all the trouble of setting up its trap and waiting for its prey to get caught.

B: Anyway, let’s hurry up and build this.
Ah... Right.

---Page 16---
TC: Done.
All that’s left is painting it. What color should we go with...?
Let’s see.

M: Hmm, green?
It’d blend in completely with the scenery.
Then, white.
Too plain.
Or rather, orange.

B: Got it! Just a sec.

---Page 17---
TR: ?
If we’re going with orange, I thought we could test what kind of feeling it would give.

L: SFX: Pa

---Page 18---
TL: We can make the color match using fragrant olive flowers.
How is it?

ML: Orange it is, then! (Yayyy)

BC: [----It’d be nice,]
(I wonder if it’s too flashy for Grandpa)
(I'm sure he'll like it! Let’s show it to Dad later too.)

BL: [if just like this, little by little, we could become a family.]

---Page 19---
TR: Vaaa...

TC: Grandpa?

TL: Here.
Have some sugared red beans.

M: Grandpa really loves sweet things, doesn’t he?

B: SFX: Pa

---Page 20---
TR: Oh, no. I dropped it.
Better get on your hands and knees if you want to eat it.

MR: SFX: Lift

BR: SFX: Squish

L: [What...?]
Too bad.

---Page 21---
T: C’mon, eat it.

MR: Stop that!
SFX: Jolt

BR: Ta-Takami-san.
What... are you doing?

BL: Geez. I was just playing around a little.
Don’t try to fool me!!

---Page 22---
TR: I... I never
thought you were a child who would do something like that.
If your mother in heaven knew, what would she think?

MR: Ha

BR: (Ahahaha)

TL: (Kukuku)
Wha-What’s so funny!

BL: Mom
would definitely be happy.

---Page 23---
R: [It’s been one week since then.]
[Akira-kun’s stopped talking to me.]

TL: /I thought things were going so well. What did I do wrong?/

BC: Fire?!

BL: SFX: Rustle
SFX (the lower right one): Snap
SFX (the lower left one): Crackle

---Page 24---
T: Akira... -kun...
SFX (right one): Crackle
SFX (left one): Pop

M: (Text on book): Album

BR 1: Isn't that Yuriko-san's album?

BR 2: Grandpa...

BL: I don’t want to hurt Grandpa anymore.

---Page 25---
R: [Every time the veil lifts, so many faces appear.]

TC: [Just which one is the real Akira-kun?]

TL: ?


BC: Grandpa!

---Page 26---
TR: [My father-in-law passed away.]

TL: [The cause of death was poisoning.]
[While I was surprised by the fire and separated from my father-in-law,]
[he ate a large quantity of the Coriaria japonica fruit growing next to the bench.]

M: [The fruit appears sweet, and, for my father-in-law who would put anything in his mouth, it must have been appealing.]

BR: I... If I had only been more careful...
Don’t blame yourself. It was merely an accident.

BL: Akira...
Take your mother inside to rest.

---Page 27---
TC: Poor Ichirobee-san......

TL: He must have been done in by Yuriko-san’s grudge.
After all, he really picked on her before he went senile.
Oh, yeah. That's why she hung herself from the persimmon tree in the garden, right?

M: [Persimmon tree?!]

B: That’s right. Supposedly, while Yuriko-san was alive, she grew that Coriaria japonica in the garden.
Whoa, that's eerie!! She must have been planning to feed the fruit to Ichirobee-san once they grew.
How funny. Even after Yuriko-san killed herself, he still ended up eating them!

---Page 28---
R: But, you know, having an accidental death in the family is certainly better than a murder.

L 1: A

L 2: Akira-kun!!
SFX: Dash

L 3: Oh, my. Were you eavesdropping? How rude!

L 4: SFX: Glare

---Page 29---
TR: My father-in-law’s death is my fault!
What basis do you have to say such slanderous things about Yuriko-san?!

TL: ...But surely, you can’t possibly think it’s just a coincidence.

B: Coriaria japonica is also called “Ichirobei Killer,” after all.

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: You’ll likely notice that the grandfather, Ichirobee’s, name is spelled differently from the “Ichirobei” here. The final sounds are indeed different on their own, but when combined with the “e” sound that precedes them, they both result in what sounds like the English word “bay,” as I mentioned earlier.

---Page 30---
TR: No... way...
You think I'm lying? Fine. Then, look it up in a botanical encyclopedia or something.
SFX: Annoyed

TL 1: (Text on book spine): Botanical Encyclopedia

TL 2: [Ah... This one too. The spine is backward.]
/I wonder if Akira-kun used this./

MR 1: (Text on book spine): Botanical Encyclopedia
SFX: Flip

MR 2: [The page is wrinkled. Someone already opened to it before...]
(Text on page in two-row box) (First Row): Coriaria japonica
(Second row): AKA / Ichirobei Killer

B: [Suddenly,]
(Text on page is the same as the text in the above panel)
[a chilling thought crossed my mind.]

---Page 31---
TR: [Did Akira-kun look at this encyclopedia and find out about the Coriaria japonica?]
[Along with his late mother's plan?]

(Main Panel): [Akira-kun knew that Grandpa would put anything sweet in his mouth, no matter what it was. (But so what?)]

[On top of that, Akira-kun is the one who said we should put the bench next to the Coriaria japonica tree. (Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Grandpa would sit there.)]

[When he sat down there, Akira-kun started burning the album at the perfect timing. I panicked when I saw the smoke and ran over to him. (But I could have gone over with Grandpa!)]

---Page 32---
R: [But I left Grandpa behind, and he ate the fruit.]
[(He might not have eaten it though.)]

TC: [A crime of probability*.]

TL: [It went to all the trouble of setting up its trap and waiting for its prey to get caught.]

BC: [What if, this whole time, Akira-kun hated his grandfather and was waiting for a chance to kill him...?!]

BL: [There’s no way...]

(Translator’s note for bottom of page): T/N: This is another instance of kanji with a furigana reading that differs from the proper reading. The kanji, 確立の犯罪 (kakuritsu no hanzai), have a furigana reading of プロバビリティ (purobabiriti, or the English “probability”). The basic meaning here is “a crime of probability.” Based on the furigana reading the author uses, the kanji add another layer of meaning, as 確立 means “establish,” while another kanji pair with the same reading, 確率, means “probability.” The kanji the author uses say something along the lines of “an established crime,” which presumably reflects Takami’s own confusion about whether Akira planned all of this or not.

---Page 33---
T 1: [There’s no way that could be?!]
Just forget about what they were saying.

T 2: If Grandpa had only been nicer to Mom, that wouldn’t have happened...

BR: But he was so cruel.

ML: [If you hadn’t seduced my son, our family would’ve been able to get a more suitable daughter-in-law.]

BL: [I just can't eat food prepared by a low-class woman like you. It's practically pig slop!]

---Page 34---
R: Mom...... Because of all that, she started acting strange.
SFX: Shudder
And in the end, she became the large fruit of this tree.

L: Every time I think of Mom, I hate Grandpa even more...
I’ve done a terrible thing.
[So he did do it?!]

---Page 35---
TR 1: [He planned all of it?]

TR 2: have you heard of Ichirobei Killer?

TL: Huh?

BR: SFX: Flash

BL: I-It’s nothing!

---Page 36---
T 1: [What am I saying?]
...But to me, Grandpa was kind, so as much as I hated him, I loved him too.

T 2: You see,
I thought it was time to forget about Mom, so I burned the album.
[The book was facing the wrong way.]

M: [That's all I saw, and yet it was enough to make me think up this ridiculous story!!]

B: I think I did something reaaaally meaningless.
[Without even thinking about this child’s feelings!!]

---Page 37---
TR: SFX: Lift

TL: Th-Thanks,

M: Mom.

B: [-------The truth is,]

---Page 38---
T: [beneath the veil,]

B: [this child was hiding his loneliness.]

---Page 39---
M (black bar): [----The garden that swallowed these two lives]

L: [still remains there today in the exact same condition.]
[As if]
[it were a green coffin, quietly waiting.]

---Page 40---
*Skip this page*

---Page 41---
(First line of text at bottom): Someone Comes to Kill Me
(Second line of text at bottom): Kamishiro Kyouko


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