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Flesh Doll

This translation is ready for lettering

---Page 1---
(Top Right Logo with Character): Comic Terminal
(Bottom Center): Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 2---
*No text to translate—Include the following notes*
Translator Notes—Please Read!

“…-san” is kept from the original Japanese text as a signifier of relationship between characters. “-san” is appended to names in a variety of circumstances. You can think of it as showing standard formality.

---Page 3---
Under “Contents”: Someone Comes to Kill Me
Flesh Doll
The Green Coffin
Wishing Meat

---Page 4---
TC (From right to left side): Bye-bye.
SFX (Bottom of panel): Chatter
It’s my turn to clean today.
Hey, did you see SMAPxSMAP yesterday?
Yeah, I recorded it.

MR: SFX (Large): Chatter
SFX (Small in bubble): Rustle

B: SFX: Stare

(Left Side of Page Outside of Frames): Flesh Doll

---Page 5---
R: That guy’s mom was in front of the school gate all day today too.
Miyamoto’s family is seriously disturbing.
(Vertical Title Text at Bottom): Flesh Doll

---Page 6---
T: Daisuke!
What kind of stuff did you learn today?
[Since long ago, my mom has doted on me, and ever since her relationship with my dad went downhill, she’s become even more attached to me.]
[And once she noticed “it,” her behavior started to cross the line…]

M: Ow!

BR: Are you okay?!

BL: You’re such a scatterbrain, Daisuke.

---Page 7---
TR: SFX: Chomp

TC: M…Mom.
SFX: Suck

TL: Don't lick my blood, Mom... that's gross.

B: You came from my blood. I’m just returning what came from Mommy’s tummy back to it, so there’s nothing gross about it at all.
SFX: Giggle

---Page 8---
TR: But…

TL: [No matter what, I can’t say “no” to her compulsive affection.]
SFX: Opens

C: !

BL: D-Dad, welcome home.

---Page 9---

TL 1: /Those two are at it again./
[They’re adults and they married for love, so why can’t they just make up?]

TL 2: SFX (in bubbles, x2): Knock

BR: Mom.
Will you let Mommy sleep here tonight?

BL: What about Dad?
He said he’s gonna stay in a hotel tonight, and then he left.

---Page 10---
T: Are you… gonna get divorced?
I don’t wanna!

MR: (Phew) Yeah.
Of course you won’t.
After all…

BR: If we were to divorce, and that man took you away from me, Mommy wouldn't be able to go on living.

BL: If we get separated, then I’ll kill you and die myself.

---Page 11---
TR: ……………
If that happens, we can be together forever in Heaven.

BR: [-----------Mom]

C: [is probably serious.]
SFX (above the mother): Breathe

L: [If we were separated, she’d definitely come after me.]
[And then, as if she were tenderly comforting a baby,]
[she’d kill me.]

---Page 12---
TR: [That’s why I can’t say “no” to her…]

M: SFX (x3): Squeak

BL: Nn…

---Page 13---
TR: [Huh?!]

TL 1: Mom, what’s going on?!

TC: Die with Mommy.

TL 2: Wai-Wait! Stop playing around!
Untie me!

M: I love you.
I love you.
I’m not gonna be separated from you, Mom!
I love you.
I’m not your doll, mom!

B: My life isn't yours to play around with!

---Page 14---
R: I love you, so there’s no helping it.

TC: S-Stop! Love someone other than me!

TC/TL: In the beginning, you were a part of my flesh.

TL: [I’ll do anything, so please save me! Take my place!]
Listen to what I’m saying!
It’s only natural that Mommy does whatever she wants with her own flesh, don’t you think?

BL: Firstly, talking flesh is strange.
SFX: Splat

---Page 15---

MR: Haaaa

BR: Tick

BC: A… dream.

---Page 16---
TR: It was a dream.

BR: [It was a dream. It was just a dream... for now.]

BL: Daisuke.
SFX: Shock
[And there’s a chance that “it…”]

---Page 17---
TR: W-What?
Mommy’s nausea won’t stop.
Do you mind going to school on your own today?

TL: Y-Yeah.
SFX: Phew
[…”it” just might save me.]

M: Come home quickly, okay?
Really, come home quickly, okay?

B: [I don’t wanna go home.]
You wanna come over?

---Page 18---
R: [But if I run now, that dream will only become a reality.]
[If I could only get someone to take on Mom’s affection for me…]

TC: My grandma is super annoying!
She only pays attention to my younger brother.

TL: She doesn’t love me at all.
Gyahahaha (Listen to this guy!)

BC: I’m hooome.

BL: Mom?

---Page 19---
TR: I wonder where she went…

TL: What’s this?
The groceries have been left out.

M: Ah…!

BR: Wait.

BC: SFX: Surprise

---Page 20---
TR: W-What are you doing over here?

MR: I’m just… a little tired.

TL: Are you okay? Are you still nauseous?
The morning sickness went away a bit in the morning.

B: Hey… more importantly,

---Page 21---
T: will you die with Mommy?

M: Eh…? W-What?
Mommy doesn’t want to be separated from you
No one’s going to separate us though…?
No! Even if we stash it here, it’ll be discovered sooner or later!

BR/BC: The police will come and take Mommy away!!

BC: The… police?

---Page 22---
L: D…

---Page 23---
TR: Even though I tied him up so perfectly—What bad manners!!

TC 1: Ah…
TC 2: This guy was always like this. He never met my expectations even a little bit.
Yesterday, he was so insistent, saying he was gonna take custody of you, and this is what happened.

TL: SFX (x2): Shiver

M: SFX: Slide

B: Hey… die with me.

---Page 24---
TR: SFX: Clatter

TL: SFX: Click

BL: SFX (no bubbles, x3): Shake
SFX (in small bubbles, x4): Bang
Open up, Daisuke!!

---Page 25---
R: Let’s die together!
(x7): Open up!

TL 1: Stop iiit!

TL 2: ……….

ML: Why? Didn’t we do a lot of things that felt good? You can’t be separated from Mommy, can you? You love Mommy, don’t you?
SFX: Slides down
Isn’t that why you were so happy when I taught you about “it”?

BL: ……That’s not it.

---Page 26---
TR: [You know—We could make a little brother or sister.]

“It…” I was happy when you got pregnant because I thought that with this, “someone” who would take over your affection for me had appeared.

I wanted that “someone” so much that even after Dad found out, I didn’t refuse having sex with you.

B: ……That’s it.
If dying alone is so terrible, take it instead of me.

---Page 27---
T: Die with my child that’s in your stomach.

M: SFX: Silence

BR: SFX (in bubble): Stab
SFX (in front of face): Gasp

BC 1: SFX: Splatter splash splash

BC 2: SFX: Spread

BL: !

---Page 28---
M… Mom.

---Page 29---
M: I’m…

B: I thought I was finally able to escape my mom’s insane affection thanks to the substitute I created.
…Do you think I’m going insane?

---Page 30---
TR: ………
I was naïve… Even now, eight years later, I still haven’t separated myself from her.

TL: I can see her, as if she’s lonely, inviting me to the other world.

BR: That's a hallucination born from the feelings of guilt you hold because of the relationship you had with your actual mother and the tragedy that followed.

ML: I know. I, myself, realize that it’s a hallucination.

BL: Can you see the hallucination right now?

---Page 31---
R: Yes.
[I have always wanted to escape from my mother’s love,]

L: I love you, Daisuke.
[but I know now that it's impossible.]

(Bottom right corner): <<Flesh Doll>> The End

---Page 32---
*Skip this page*

---Page 33---
(First line at bottom): Someone Comes to Kill Me
(Second line at bottom): Kamishiro Kyouko


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