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#63 / Finally Free


tl by danluffey

#63 / Finally Free

sfx: fwooooooom

1: The spiked wall's moving at top speed! They've already broken through to the fifth horror, the Devil's Fangs!!
sfx: fwoooooom
2: B...bro! What's that?!

1: Wh-what are those lights?!
2: Those are eyes!!
3: Eyes?! Whose eyes?!
sfx: grrrrrrr...
4: Dogs!!
sfx: bark

1: The dogs haven't eaten anything for a week! They have now truly become the bloodthirsty fangs of the devil! They'll attack for sure!
2: grin
sfx: bark
3: Uwaaahh!
sfx: whoosh
4: H-here they come!!
sfx: wham

1: Whiiiine!
2: Gyaaann!
3: Gwaaahhh!
4: Wahh!
sfx: munch
sfx: bite
sfx: chomp
sfx: splurt

1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: fwoosh
2: Bro! They got fur of us!!
3: The spiked wall's made it through the fifth horror!
4: Now it's heading toward the sixth!
sfx: whoooosh
5: The sixth horror is the terrifying Sulfuric Acid Squall!!

1: Hm?!
2: Wh-what? It's raining!
2: Uwahh! Owwwww!
3: Oww! This rain hurrrrts!
sfx: fsssh
4: Get down! This is sulfuric acid!!
5: Hieeeee!
5: Uwaaaahhh! Owwww!
sfx: whoosh
6: Owowowwww!
sfx: fwooom
sfx: fsssssh

1: Now then, gentlemen!
2: I would like to begin the Blue Beech sacrifice ritual!
3: As you all know, the Blue Beech Ritual is done every year to celebrate the Tougai Group's glory and prosperity!
4: Up until last year, we had been sacrificing virgin female goats...
5: But this year, we will be sacrificing a human female!!

1: Our sacrifice's blood...
2: will be mixed in with the wine we have prepared for you all to drink!
3: Not only a virgin's blood, but the blood of Miss Tougai! I can't wait to give it a sip!
sfx: cheer
4: Kill her, kill her! Hurry up and start the ritual!
5: They say that blood tastes the best right after its owner has experienced extreme horror.
6: Therefore, I would like to put on a demonstration to instill our sacrifice with even more fear!!
7: A demonstration?!
8: What's he gonna do?

1: Begin!!
sfx: boom
sfx: boom
2: Meeeeeh.
sf: fsssh

1: Meeeeh, meeeeeh!
sfx: fzzz...
2: Heehee...
sfx: stare
sfx: fsssssssh
3: Squeeeaaal!

sfx: fwoooosh
1: Sugata's group has passed through the sixth horror! Now they're heading toward the final horror, the Sea of Fire!
2: Are you alright, Blue Demon, Hino?!
3: It-it hurts... I think this is going to leave burns, Kyouhei-san!

1 Blue Demon, what about you?!
2: Heh...heheh, don't worry!
3: This is nothing to me!
sfx: fwooooooom
4: L-look, Kyouhei-san! Now we're heading toward the Sea of Fire!
5: Hieeeee! We're really done for this time!
6: Uwaaaaaahhhh!

sfx: yaaaaank
sfx: splorrge
sfx: splurt
1: Fu fu fu fu... yes, now begin the ritual!!
2: Yes sir.
3: Nooooo!

sfx: fwoooooosh
1: Owowowowowww! I can't take this anymore!
2: Dammit! I'm sorry, Azusa-chan!
3: But this is it for us!
4: And if I'm gonna die, then I wanna die like a maaaaaan!!
sfx: gwaaaahh
5: Blue Demon!!
sfx: whap
6: H-Hino! What are you doing? Give it back!!

1: Please, let me be the one, Kaneda!!
2: Hino!!
3: Uoooooohhhhh
4: ryaaaaaahhh
sfx: fwap
sfx: fwooom
5: Hinooooo!!
sfx: kaboom

sfx: fzzzzz
1: Ahhh...
2: Fu fu fu...
sfx: fzzzz
3: gulp
4: Uwahhh!
sfx: rumble

1-3: Wahhh
sfx: crack snap
sfx: kaboooooom
4: Gyaaahhh!
5: Uwaaaahhhh!
6: Wha...


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