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#58 / The Searing Hurricane


tl by danluffey

#58 / The Searing Hurricane

sfx: fwooooosh

1: Gggh...
sfx: fwooosh
2: Uwaaaahh!
3: Hieeee!
4: Everyone, hold hands!
5: Don't walk in the center! Slide up against the wall!!
sfx: fwooosh

sfx: clank
1: Bro! The spiked wall!
2: Everyone, hold on tight so you don't get blown away!!
sfx: fwoooosh
sfx: clank

sfx: clank
1: /If-if someone gets blown away, they're finished...
2: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: splat

1: Hieeeee!
sfx: fwooosh
2: The second horror, the Searing Hurricane...
3: Ku ku ku... I wonder how fast that wind's actually going?
4: O-osu!
5: At their current position, the wind speed is 14m!
6: As they climb up, the wind speed will increase to a max of 30m!
7: 30 meters?!
8: Well damn.

1: A wind speed of 14m is equal to 50km/hr!
2: And the max speed of 30m is over 100km/hr!
3: Exactly.
4: The max wind speed a human can stay standing against is 20m!
5: I'm sure you can all imagine what will happen when they get that high!!
6: Heeheeheehee! Now things are really getting interesting! This is one hell of an attraction, Tougai!
7: Why thank you. Now then, let's turn our attention back to their desperate struggle!

sfx: fwooooosh
1: Don't stop! Keep going and don't stand still!
2: The spiked wall has almost reached us!
sfx: clank
3: Hiieee!
sfx: fwoooooosh

1: Well, gentlemen?! How are you enjoying the second horror?!
sfx: fwooooosh
2: If you keep moving that slowly, the spiked wall may catch up to you!
sfx: clank
3: I'd get out of there before that happens if I were you!
4: That is, if it's even possible for you...
5: The higher you climb, the faster the wind speed will become!

1: The current wind speed is 20m, equal to 70km/hr!
2: It's the maximum wind speed a human can stand up against!
sfx: fwoooosh
3: And that's not all!
sfx: fwooosh
4: That searing wind has also raised the temperature within the cave to a whopping 40 C!
5: Haa, haa, haa...
sfx: thud

1: haa, haa....m-my throat's so dry...
2: Get it together, Miyake!! Everyone's throat is dry!
sfx: grab
3: What, are you just gonna sit here and let the wall impale you?!
sfx: clank
4: Hieee!
sfx: fwoooosh

1: fwooooooosh
2: /Kyouhei...!!
3: glance

sfx: stand
sfx: click
1: The key's right here.
2: Don't try anything funny. Just sit back down there and watch the final moments of Sugata Kyouhei's life.
3: You'll be able to join him in no time, after you're sacrificed tomorrow.

sfx: fwoooosh
1: It-it's no use, bro! This wind is insane! We can't even take another step forward!
sfx: fwooooosh
2: And the hot air is making it hard to breathe!
3: It feels like hot water's being poured down our throats! My throat's burning!

1: Fuhahahahahahahahaha!
sfx: fwoooosh
2: The wind speed is currently at 24m, or 86km/hr! Looks like this tunnel will be your graveyard!
sfx: clank
3: H-here it comes!

sfx: clank
1: Uwaaaaahhh!
2: Don't give up, everyone! We can do this!
3: Move forward as much as you can!!
4: Huh?!

sfx: fwooooosh
1: Fu fu fu...That spike-laden portal is the exit from the second horror!
2: Look closely at the spikes.
3: See it? They're slowly moving out toward the center!
sfx: gwoon

1: Once the spiked wall reaches the portal, the hurricane will automatically end!
sfx: rumble
2: And I doubt I need to explain what will happen if you don't pass through the portal in time.
3-4: gwoon
sfx: fwooooooosh
5: Let's go, everyone!
sfx: whap
6: Push yourselves forward!!

sfx: fwooooosh
sfx: whack
sfx: smack
1: Uwahh!
2: Hieee!
3: W-we can't! There's no way for us to go any further, Kyouhei-san!
sfx: whack

1: Broooooo!!
sfx: splurt
2: Kyouheiiii!!
3: Yeaaaah!!
4: Fuhahahaha! Looks like that is going to be your graveyard after all! At least you'll all get to go to Hell together!!


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