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Vol. 1


tl by danluffey

1: This photo received a color check, right?
sfx: brrrring
2: Someone get the phone!
3: [JIDAI, a weekly magazine with 600,000 copies in circulation that go on sale every Monday.
4: Personally, I think it's fine.
5: OK.
6: So you just don't want to go over it anymore.
7: Matsukata!! Take care of this for me!
8: Narita-san...
9: I can't just OK it because you think I should.
10: OK!! I'll send it over immediately.
11: Matsukata!!
12: Tanaka's article...
13: is crap!!

Anno Moyoco

Working Man
Vol. I
A Female Working Man

1: Finally, the proofs...
sfx: stare...
2: are all finished...
3: Today was really tough...
4: Matsukata-san.
5: Good work today.

1: [Matsukata Hiroko (28) - Profession: Editor. Used to have big breasts.
2: Honestly, work is a pain in the ass. I've thought about quitting this job so many times.
3: Especially before proofing.
4: Also, when newbies act like they're hot shit even though they're total idiots!!
5: Today...I guess I ended up having you do my work for me, even though I had no choice.
6: I'll do it myself next time, though. So please don't touch any more of my stuff, even if the boss asks you to.
sfx: zzzz
7: Oh. She's asleep.

1: Uhh...see you tomorrow, then.
2: Tanaka.
3: The editor asked us if we want to go drinking with him.
4: [Tanaka Kunio (22). A newbie editor.
5: Getting together with everyone after work...sorry, but that's not my thing. I don't want to be preached to even when I'm drinking.
6: Sorry, but I've got plans.
7: Oh?
8: Don't invite him!!
9: Huh? Matsukata-san, you were awake?
10: My cerebrum simply refused to let me listen to him any longer!! He had to redo the presenting pages so many times, and he acts like he's done nothing wrong...
11: Walk on the dirt!!
12: Guess it was a mistake to send him to the materials room during the last spurt.

1: He just kept getting in the way...
2: He still hasn't seen us at our most hectic.
3: You should have shown him!! I was so moved!!
4: You're such a working man, Matsukata-senpai!!
5: A working man? Gimme a break!
sfx: ahahaha
6: Why did you just call me a man?!
7: (I'm sorry!
8: Well...it's true that you're really manly.
9: Uuu...with a voice that sounds just like Oohara Reiko's...
10: Hearing that from you makes me a little happy, Kaji-san.
11: Young women are more energetic than young men.
12: [Narita Kimio (39) - He runs the desk at JIDAI.
13: I hear it's the same all around the world.

1: Huh? Where's Matsukata...
2: She left. Said she had a date.
3: A date? What, with a girl?
4: [Umemiya Tatsuhiko (45) - JIDAI's editor-in-chief.
5: Lately you really gotta watch what you say.
6: Sexual harassment this, power harassment that...
7: No one's allowed to say anything anymore!!
8: Matsukata's really a working man, though. She proposed three new plans before she even finished proofing the current one.
9: When does she sleep?!

1: vbbbbb
sfx: shake
2: vbbbb
sfx: rattle
3: Oww...
4: www...
5: /A...mail...
6: Save me, please!!
Subject - Sorry
Something came up at work. I'll call you later. I'm really sorry. Shinji
7: /Good...I'm too tired to go see him today...
8: /Now I can get some sleep... (I guess...)

1: "You're such a hard worker. Do your best, Hiro! <3"
2: That's a 100-point answer...
sfx: click
3: /It's too much of a pain to even talk to him.
4: /We haven't had sex for over three months now...
5: /Why am I pushing myself this hard? For what?
6: I need...
7: to wash off my makeup...

1: /Eh...I don't care anymore...
sign: Meeting in process
2: Our cover plan for the 4/26 issue is "The missing beef bowls!! A new era of food scarcity!!"
3: Uwahh, here we go again...
4: And then inside...huh? Where's Matsukata?
5: This is her plan...something about "The Foreign Minister's celebrity life..."
6: She called in, saying she misslept and locked her neck in place...
7: Oww...ow, ow!
sfx: snap
8: That hurts, Masami!!!
9: I'm a physician, remember? And besides, it's my lunch break.

1: What's wrong, Mayu-chan?
sfx: waddle...
2: Another one of my plans got shot down...
3: They keep telling me that I can't just propose stuff that I personally want to do.
4: [Nagisa Mayu (23) - An editor.
5: But unless I'm interested it, then how can I give it my all?
6: I just can't take things "in moderation."
7: Whether it's men OR work.
8: And cigarettes!! You know that women have a higher rate of getting lung cancer than men, even if we smoke the same amount?
9: Work aside, I don't want to have to hear about men from you.

1: You have a pool of seven sex caretakers, and on top of that, you masturbate twice a day! And you want to talk to me about moderation?!
2: You just don't do it enough, Hiroko.
3: It'll interfere not only with your own biology, but your relationship as a couple.
4: You need to do it once in a while.
5: What?
6: But I never get wet... (Guess I'll go buy some Himeros...) (*A Japanese estrogen supplement)

1: Sorry I'm late.
2: Oh, are you alright?
3: I stabbed myself with a few pins, so I should be alright.
4: By the way, your plan about the Foreign Minister passed.
5: Oh, right, I've already started on it. But...they're guarding themselves pretty tightly. Guess that was to be expected, though.
6: Also, Tanaka's "Our partners are cheating on us" plan passed, so look after it.
7: (You call that a title?)
8: Oh, it's alright. I can do it myself. I've looked through past articles and pretty much formed an overall outline...
9: Wooow.
10: You sure you'll be alright on your own?

1: I'm just going to take my time
2: and do it how I like.
3: /Shit.
4: /Seeing guys like him always make me doubt myself. I always work so hard to make sure my plans pass, and to make sure my articles are interesting enough to grab the readers' attention...
5: ...no.
6: /I'm doing the right thing here!!
7: Hello, I'm Matsukata, an editor from JIDAI.
8: Yes, I called yesterday...I was told to call back again today.
9: Oh...is that so? I'm very sorry to hear that.
10: I can't get an appointment...
11: Go ask Tanaka if he can.
12: His secretary, Matsumoto-san hates girls.
13: Oh. I'll call them for you.

1: Yes...I'm an editor from JIDAI...yes.
2: Oh, really? How about the 28th, then? I got an appointment. They said they'd fax the time and place over later.
3: Want me to come with you for the interview?
4: Thanks, but I'll be fine.
5: Besides, you have your own pages to worry about, right?
6: Oh, these?

1: I figure if I get some opinions from the net and compare them with past articles, I should be able to finish them up.
2: I don't work in the evenings, so as long as the interview is early enough, I can...
3: I said I'll be fine!!
4: What are you angry about?
5: You're young,
6: so you should be working harder!
7: /I'm going to do it.
paper: FAX Information
Today - 22:30
Place: South
8: /Night or day!
9: I know I said he could stay for 30 minutes,
10: but he has an appointment after this, so please shorten it to 15.

sfx: glimmer
1: Sensei is a very busy man, you see.
2: Well excuse me for being a woman! Geez...
3: I even changed just to come here.
4: /Oh no...did she hear me?
5: So you're the interviewer?
6: That's strange. Why are they making you wait? Hold on a moment.
7: You can go in.
8: Thank you very much!!
9: /I only have eight minutes...
10: Take a seat.

1: Huh...you're from JIDAI, right? But you're not Kaji-san...
2: I thought she'd be coming.
3: Excuse me, but would you mind answering a few questions?
4: About your..."celebrity life."
5: Ahhh! My celebrity life, eh?
6: /Those are some thick fingers he's got. Bet they've been busy grabbing things...
7: I'll send you his model schedule and photographs. We need to check the article, however, so please send it in tomorrow.
8: Um, excuse me, but one last question.
9: What is your real job, as a foreign minister?

1: Time's up.
2: Foreign minister!!!
3: Dammit...
4: What were you thinking, asking a question like that?
5: Don't you have any ideals or aesthetics?
6: /Ah...the pretty lady from earlier.
7: Pardon me if this sounds rude,
8: /Is this his wife?
9: but bring a cute boy with you next time.
10: /No...maybe it's just a lover? His secretary and his lover? Her skin looks a bit too dry, though.
11: /Maybe she takes Himeros too.
sfx: aha
12: /Ahhh...I forgot to call Shinji today.

1: [The next day...
2: How did the interview with the foreign minister go?
3: He stands out among the cabinet, after all... (Or his mole does, at least.) Even though he hasn't really achieved anything.
4: Well, I only got to talk to him for eight minutes. I got some pictures too.
5: Ahhh, I really don't feel like doing this...how am I going to make this into an article?
6: Wasn't this YOUR idea in the first place?
7: Mayu-kun!! There's a difference between a "plan you want to do" and a "plan that'll pass!"
8: Oh,
9: right...
10: snicker
11: "Don't you have any ideals or aesthetics?"

1: /I probably did, at first.
sfx: vbbbb
2: /Something that resembled ideals...or aesthetics...
3: Yes...hello?
4: Ah, Hiro? Sorry about the other day. I'm outside the building right now.
5: You don't have any proofing to do today, do you? Let's go eat something.
6: Right now? Hold on a minute.
sfx: brrring
7: Yes, this is JIDAI...
8: Hello...you're the person who interviewed the foreign minister, right? Can you I ask you for a favor?
9: /It's her!
10: Yes...it's me.

1: There's something I want to talk to you about, concerning the foreign minister.
2: I'll tell you about it once I see you. Can you come meet me right now?
3: /She's going to tip me off about something...or tell on him somehow. This is big! This really feels like something big!
4: Sorry, Shinji! I can't leave right now.
5: Ok. Really, I'm sorry.
6: Let's try another time!
7: You always choose work, huh?
8: Shut up!!

1: /I don't think I'm cool or anything for always choosing work. Not at all.
2: /I don't care about stuff like that.
3: Sorry to keep you waiting!!
4: That was quick.
5: OK!!
6: /It's nothing compared to what lies ahead.
7: ...shall we begin?
8: Desk!

1: What? You slept over again?
2: Sorry, I thought about calling you, but...
3: Until just a bit ago, I was listening to
4: someone tell me all about Foreign Minister Hoshikawa Hikaru's hidden expenses.
5: I've got recorded data from the witness!!
6: Woah...hold on a minute.
7: Umemiya-san.

1: Matsukataaa!!
2: Switch out the cover!!
sfx: throb
3: /These are the moments that I work for!!

1: Change the title to "Foreign Minister Hoshikara Hikaru, betraying his people!!"
2: Roger!
3: /Work mode ON!!
4: Pull out eight pages!!!
5: /Man switch engaged!!

1: Working man!!
2: Hey, is the data on page 2 alright?
3: No, it's outdated!
sfx: skritch
4: C'mon, desk, I thought you were competent!!
5: Is the layout done yet?!
6: We only have three hours left!
7: /Allow me to explain! When I become a working man, the male hormones in my blood increase,

1: /and I can work three times faster than usual.
sfx: skritch
2: /During that period, all my desires for clothes, cleanliness, love, sleep, and food
sfx: skritch
3: /disappear.
4: alright, I'm leaving now...
5: Good work...
6: Hmm...
7: He just used old pages as a base and did a mediocre job. I can't complain,
8: but these is basically all stuff that Matsukata wrote...
9: He based it all on hers...
10: Proofing dooone!!
11: Yaaaay...

1: I don't want to die thinking
2: "all I had in life was my work."
3: /True. That makes sense, and I agree with you. But
4: I want to die
5: knowing I worked hard.
Vol. 1 / END


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