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#44 / Makito's Secret


tl by danluffey

#44 / Makito's Secret

1: Brooooo! Juumonji-san got out of the hospital!!

1: Huh?
sfx: dash
sign: Officers' Room
sfx: wham
2: W-we've got trouble!
3: Juumonji's back!

1: Congratulations on getting out of the hospital, Juumonji-san!
2: Congratulations!
3: Juumonji-san!!
4: Sugata-kun!
5: I can't believe you got out so quickly! Are you really OK now?
6: Hahaha! You needn't worry yourself about me.
7: More importantly, I heard that the Commander's been giving you death threats.
8: Yes...

1: And that he plans to execute you during the Blue Beech Ritual, the once-a-year ceremony when the Tougai Group celebrates their prosperity...
2: They may be plotting something extra sinister for this year's ritual...
sfx: dash
sfx: stomp

1: Juumonji! I didn't think you'd be out so soon after how wounded you were.
2: I don't know what you're planning, but there's no reason to rush to your death, you know.
3: Stop helping Sugata Kyouhei, and we'll let you be.
4: He's a man who's incurred the wrath of the Commander. Keep hanging around him, and you'll suffer a similar fate!!
5: Are you done?
6: Let's go, Sugata-kun.

1: Waaaait! Juumonji!!
2: Why do you always insist on defying us?
3: We used to be comrades, so we're just trying to warn you!
4: Thank you very much...but I have absolutely no intentions of changing how I feel!!
5: Excuse me...
6: You'll regret that once you're dead, Juumonji!
7: Looks like this year's Blue Beech Ritual is going to be the greatest ceremony since the creation of the Tougai Group!

1: Juumonji-san, where are we going?
2: Earlier, I told you that I had other comrades
3: who shared similar interests with us. I'm going to introduce you to them now.
4: Comrades?!

1: Kyouhei-san! We have been waiting a very long time for a man like you to appear!!
2: We fell in love with the bravery you displayed when taking them on all by yourself! Please, use us as your limbs as you step up to destroy the Tougai Group! Please!!

1: Sniff it, Makito.
2: Did you that, Makito?
3: Listen to those fools...they think they can defeat me!
4: What are you doing? Hurry up and pull the pollen out so you can sniff it!
5: Uuu...
6: N-no!
7: Please, don't torture me anymore!
8: There you go again. Would you just stop it with your tantrums already?
9: Hurry up and pull the creeping thyme out of your pocket so that you can sniff it!!
10: Noooo!!

1: Are you trying to defy me, Makito?
sfx: shiver
2: Pull out the pollen, Makito!!
3: N-no...st...stop...
4: Do as I say!!
sfx: tremble
5: Please...stop...
sfx: twitch

sfx: throb
sfx: flex
sfx: pop
sfx: rrrrip
1: Uwah...

sfx: rustle
1: Hey, what are you doing out here?
2: Hieee!
sfx: rrrrip

1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: thud
2: Ahhh!
3: Hey, what happened? Stay with us!
sfx: rustle
4: Iyaaaaahh!
sfx: fwooosh

sfx: stab
1: Got him!
sfx: dash
2: Ahh!
3: This must have been the Commander...
4: Looks like we only have one path left:
5: kill or be killed!!
6: Fufufu...
sfx: throb

1: Ahahaha!
2: Fufufu!
3: I'm so glad you all came to visit.

1: I can't believe you came all the way out here just to check up on me.
2: purrr
3: Thank you so much.
4: You look surprisingly well, so I'm relieved.
5: At this rate, she might be able to come back to school tomorrow.
6: Of course! I intend to.
7: I don't think that's such a good idea, Sugata-san.
8: What?
9: Honestly, the real reason I came was...
10: Lady Azusa.

1: One of your male classmates came and asked me to please
2: give these flowers to you...
3: Where is he? As soon as he handed them to me, he left...
4: Oh my.
5: Who could it have been?
6: I've never seen flowers like those before.
7: They smell really good!
8: Like perfume!
9: Ah! Wait, nanny!
10: Yes?
11: Was he a cute, short boy with glasses?

1: Y-yes!
2: Now that you mention it, he was!
3: I knew it was him! Hanyuu Makito!
4: What's wrong, Houjou-senpai?
5: I...I have to go now.
6: Ahhh! Houjou-senpai!!
sfx: dash
7: Welcome home, Young Master Kyouhei.
8: Harroooo, everyone! Hahahahaha!
sfx: dash
9: Wha?

1: Sayaka-san!!
2: Excuse me!
sfx: dash
3: Ahh!
4: She looked as pale as a ghost! What happened?!
5: Kyaaaahh!!
6: Azusa's room! Come on, Blue demon!!
sfx: dash
7: Azusa-chan!!
8: Azusa!!
sfx: wham

1: K...Kyohei, it's Mokku!
2: Mokku, on the balcony!!
3: Waaaahhh!
sfx: whap
floor: Sugata Kyouhei! 3 more days!
4: Mo...
5: Mokku...
sfx: throb


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