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#22 / Azusa's Decision


tl by danluffey

#22 / Azusa's Decision

sfx: chirp
1-2: Ooooosu!

1: Sub-Commander Dan Tsukumo, leader of the third years, has arrived!!
sfx: screech
sfx: click
2: Osu, Sub-Commander! Beautiful weather today, isn't it...

1-3: Ooooosu!
4: How many candidates did you get for the contest?
5: O-ossu! We have currently gathered 32 candidates!

1: You think there's anyone...
2: capable of rivaling the Goddess of the World...Houjou Sayaka?
3: Of course not! How could any other girl at Tougai...
4: Ah...
5: What? What's wrong?!
6: Heh...heheheh! It's nothing, really...it's just...one other girl happened to pop into my mind.
7: Who...
8: S-sir...
9: Sugata Kyouhei's sister...Sugata Azusa...

1: Gahahahahaha!
2: Hahaha!
3: Ohh! It's Sugata Azusa!!
4: Huh?!

1: cheer
2: clamor
2: It seems like you get more and more fans each day, Azusa-chan!
3: I know you'll be able to pull it off!
sfx: stare
4: Kyaoooohhh!
sfx: dash

1: This is an announcement from the officers to all students!
2: The 10th Miss Tougai Beauty Contest candidate submission deadline is 1 PM this afternoon!
3: The girl who is crowned Miss Tougai will receive a trophy as well as a 100,000 cash prize!!
4: Wow, 10,000 yen?!
5: Maybe I'll enter it too!
6: Hah! It isn't a crossdressing contest, you idiot!

1: The winner will be fairly and strictly judged based on votes from all teachers and all students!
2: If you think you're the one, then please, submit yourself to the contest!
3: A-Azusa-san!
4: Do your best! I just know you'll win, Azusa-san!!
5: What?!

1: We'll all be there to cheer you on! Right, everyone?
2: Of course!!
3: Do your best, Azusa-san!!
4: H-hold on, everyone.
5: What are you cheering me on for...?!
6: For the Miss Tougai contest, of course!
7: What?!

1: clamor
2: whisper
sign: The 10th Miss Tougai Beauty Contest Candidates
1. Ashizuka Minako
2. Okumura Kayoko
3. Nakamura Eri
4. Suzuki Sanae
5. Kojima Seiko
6. Kaneko Tamao
7. Takizawa Yuuko
8. Yamadera Akiko
9. Sano Maria
10. Kobayashi Kenmi
11. Takabashi Ryouko
12. Kurozaki Kazumi
13. Motomiya Hiroko
2: Look, right there!
3: #17...

sign: 16. Sometani Youko
17. Sugata Azusa
18. Yoshihara
19. Kondou
1: Ah...
2: Hahaha! You really are a candidate, Azusa!
3: B-but...I didn't enter myself!
4: Hm? At the bottom it says who entered each contestant.
sign: Youko - Yamamoto Koushirou
Azusa - Kaneda Seiki
Erina - Nakai Kou
5: So Blue Demon was behind it after all...
6: Gahahahahahaha!
7: Ah!

1: What's the meaning of this, Kaneda-kun?! How could you enter me into this contest without even asking?!
2: Uh...
3: W-well...
4: I just knew that you'd be able to win it, that's all!
5: I have no interest in taking part in a contest like this! Please withdraw me at once.
6: I think it sounds fun, Azusa. Why don't you just enter and see what happens? Besides, Blue Demon wasn't trying to do anything bad by putting your name in.
7: That's right!
8: Kyouhei, are you for real?
9: I'm mostly joking!

1: You're entering the contest too, Sugata-san?
2: Huh?!
sfx: grin

1: G-good day, Houjou-senpai.
2: Good day.
3: H-hey! It's Houjou Sayaka, the two-time Miss Tougai winner! Woaaahhh!
4: Th-there's no point in someone like me entering this kind of contest...
5: /Huh...?
6: /Ohh, come on, Kyouhei!!
7: /Why are you looking at Sayaka-san instead of me...?!
8: I-I know I won't win it, but I guess I might as well give it try!
9: Huh?

sign: Computer Room
sfx: klak klak
sfx: beep
1: There are 38 total candidates for the Miss Tougai Contest.
2: I just finished loading all their data into the computer.

1: Now, I'll have the computer estimate who will win the contest.
sfx: beep
2: The computer's estimate has a 96% probability of coming true.
sfx: beep
screen: Miss Tougai Contest Winner:
3: Here comes the answer!!
screen: Houjou Sayaka
4: Heh...guess there was no point in wasting time with the computer after all!
5: Ah! What the...
6: H...huh?!
screen: Houjou Sayaka
Sugata Azusa
They are perfect equals, so the contest will be a tie.
7: A tie?!

sfx: krabam
1: Fuck youuuu!!
2: How could there be
3: two Miss Tougais?!
4: No one but Houjou Sayaka is allowed...
5: to become Miss Tougai!!
sfx: crash

1-3: haa
4: Houjou Sayaka...
5: Houjou Sayaka is my only ray of light...
6: Anyone who tries to steal my light from me,
sfx: swing
7: even if it may be God himself...
sfx: crash
8: is gonna get fucked up!!

1: Azusa...are you really serious about the contest?
2: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!
3: That's weird...before, you were so against it!
4: I can't believe you'd change your mind all of a sudden!
5: You're so cuuute, Azusa-chan!
6: You're the one who made me want to enter it!!
7: What?!
8: I'm gonna become Miss Tougai no matter what it takes now!!
9: And then I'm gonna ignore YOU next time, Kyouhei! So you better get ready!!


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