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#12 / Rescue Blue Demon!


tl by danluffey

#12 / Rescue Blue Demon!

1: You're one of the officers...
2: I wanted to let my underlings take care of this...
3: Honestly, I didn't think you were this tough.
sfx: jingle
4: Guess you really did kick Kajima's ass after all.

1: Seems like you can use kempo too...
2: That wasn't t'ai chi or karate...
3: and I feel like I've seen it somewhere before.
4: Not like I care...because if there's one thing I know, it's that you're gonna get your ass kicked!!

sfx: whap
sfx: whip
sfx: spin
sfx: spin

1: Run away, bro!!
2: They call that guy Chain Jouji! He uses chains like whips!
3: Countless people have had their heads and limbs torn off by his chains!!
sfx: spin
4: I'm just glad that you came to try and save me!
5: You don't need to worry about me anymore! Run for it, bro!!

sfx: whip
1: Dyaaaahhh
sfx: clink
2: Kuh!

sfx: whip
1: Nyaaaaahhh
sfx: gssh
sfx: leap
sfx: crack

sfx: whip
sfx: smack
1: Uwahhh
sfx: whip
sfx: smack

sfx: thud
1: Broooooo!!
sfx: jerk
2: It's too late to beg for mercy now. I guess you could pray to the Buddha if you really wanted to, though.
sfx: spin

1: Hm?!
2: If you insist on fighting, then I have no choice.
3: I will be your opponent!
4: Hooo...what, are you saying you're gonna show me what you've really got now? Good! Torturing you will be more fun that way.
sfx: spin

1: Th-that stance!!
2: B-bro...
3: What are you...
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: spin

sfx: gwaaaahhhh

1: Kieeeehhh!
sfx: jingle
2: Hauaaaaahh

sfx: smack
1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: shmack

1: Ahh!
2: Toura-san!
3: Uuuu...
4: So...you really can use the Qigong Fist...
5: How do you know that was the Qigong Fist?
6: Fufufu..because there's one other
7: Qigong Fist master at Tougai!

1: What?!
2: Th-there's another student at Tougai High who can use that? Wh-who?!
3: Brooooo!!
4: Fuhahahaha! If you think you've won, you're in for a big surprise, pal! Did you forget about our hostage?!

1: B...Blue Demon!!
2: Stop being so cowardly!!
sfx: whap
3: Uuu!
sfx: squeeze
4: Cowardly? All's fair in love and war...you're gonna pay for embarrassing me like that...

sfx: yank
sfx: rattle
1: grin
2: I'm going to make sure you're quaking with fear when you die. But he comes first!
3: Hey!
4:Push him down into the middle of the tracks!!

1: What?!
2: You can't become an officer at Tougai unless you know how to get a job done. When one of us starts something, we finish it, no matter what!
3: What are you waiting for?! Hurry the fuck up!
4: O...okay!
5: C'mon, asshole!!
sfx: kick
6: Wahh!
sfx: thud
7: Gyaah!
8: Ahahahaha!
9: Th...this is a joke, right? This is all some big practical joke...

1: If you've got to blame someone, then blame Sugata Kyouhei for getting you wrapped up in this!
sfx: whistle
2: Uwaaaahh! It-it's coming! Help meeee!!
3: This is insane! Stop it!!
4: Oh, so NOW you're afraid of us...it's too late now, though!
5: If you want to save him so badly, then do it with your own hands.
6: That is, if you aren't too tied up at the moment...

1: From what I've heard, the key to the Qigong Fist
2: is concentrating one's mind so that the physical substances that make up all matter can be absorbed, processed, and dispersed back out from one's hands...
3: If that's really true, then go on! Break these chains with the Qigong Fist!!
sfx: yank
4: Uuu!
sfx: ggggghh

sfx: gaaaaahh
1: Hiieeee!
2: Brooooo!!
sfx: twitch


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