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#36. From Reunion to Despair!!


tl by danluffey

sfx: vrooooom
#36. From Reunion to Despair!!

1: Umm...
2: What?
3: I'm thankful for your consideration, but those people behind us...aren't they causing trouble for the townspeople?
4: What are you talking about? That's nothing compared to the real trouble here.
5: The real trouble...?
6: Prepare yourself.

1: Anyone who's alive has caused a problem for someone else at some point. Think about yourself! You'll do anything to see the man you love again.
2: You're the most troublesome girl in the world right now.
3: How can you care about small stuff like that?
4: You rejected a man and broke his heart...
5: And then you shamed my entire gang by beating us as an amateur.
6: I...
7: I'm sorry...
8: If you're really sorry,
9: then just make sure you live happily ever after!

1: This is the one time you don't need to worry about anything else! Just think about the man you love!
2: I permit you to! Tonight, and only tonight!
3: Thank you, Takako-san.
4: snicker
5: What...?
sfx: vroom
6: Nothing...
7: /Reminds me of the first day I skipped school...
8: Go on! Skip!
9: Let's go to that fossil exhibit!
10: It probably took a death-defying amount of courage for a serious girl like you to skip school.
11: If there's something you feel that passionate about, then you can't just give up on it!

1: Go! I permit you to!
2: /It was so baseless, and yet...I can't begin to imagine how much strength that single word gave me: "permit"...I was so happy, because I felt like he really understood me.
3: /Sensei...I've loved you ever since that moment.
4: /Sensei...

1: Hmm...?
2: Wh-what's wrong, Hashijima...?!
3: /No!
4: /I can't just try and force myself to concentrate! The more I try, the more I start thinking about stupid stuff!
5: /I guess...there's no point in trying to empty my head out? Instead, maybe I should just focus on my thoughts on a single thing. Maybe that will concentrate me better.
6: /If it can only be one thing...then...

1: Hashijima-sensei...
2: /There's the hallucination...but I won't let it trick me!
3: /This illusion only resembles the real Rito on the outside...it's only being protected by my mind, so it can never match the real Rito in terms of seriousness!
sfx: ding dong
4: I'll run 20 laps around the track!
5: Right now!
6: Hey, come on...you just overslept a bit because you were up all night grading tests, right?
7: No one will care if don't actually run the laps.
8: No one's even here!
9: "Late people must run 20 laps around the track." It's a rule our whole school decided on together!
sfx: clack
10: So teachers should follow it too!
11: Owww!
sfx: slip

1: I...I'm fine.
2: Wh...what are you doing?
3: I didn't run when I was late last week.
sfx: dash
4: /She was never strict on anyone else...she was always hard on herself, working so hard to live...deep down, I always respected her...and loved her...
sfx: creech
5: We're here! This is it, right?
6: That was so quick...
7: Of course it was! That's how the June Brides roll!
sfx: revv
8: Boss! What should we do?
9: Go on ahead! You'll only draw heads here.
10: OK!
11: Take care of everything else for me.
sfx: vroom
12: Roger!

1: /Sensei...
sfx: dash
2: /Hashijima-sensei...!
3: /Looking at Rito is giving me courage...for her, I feel like I could withstand any measure of pain!
sfx: dash

1: /That's...
2: /Narukami-kun...
3: /And
4: next to him is...

1: /No...
2: /Am I dreaming...?
3: /Hashijima-sensei...!

1: /I heard that his body sank to the bottom of the river and didn't come up...but that's him...! I don't know how, but his body's completely fine!
2: /Then...that means...he won't be reincarnated as someone else...he'll go back into his own body...?!

1: /I want to live...for myself, and for Rito.
2: /Sensei...I believe in you...I'll wait for you...
3: /And once I come back to life, I'm going to make sure Rito never sheds anothre tear! I'll...
4: /wait for you. Hoping that I can see you smile once more...Hashijima-sensei...

1: /Because I love you...!

sfx: slip
1: Thank you...

1: /I know it now...I'm sure of it...you're there, aren't you? Hashijima-sensei...
2: /Just now...I felt like I saw Rito...
3: /It wasn't an illusion...it didn't feel like I was being tricked...it felt like I was getting relaxed...

1: /Speaking of which...the illusion's gone.
2: Ohhh...!
3: Hashijima's Lung has become surprisingly calm!
4: The art is as good as complete now!
sfx: phew

1: Just a little more,
2: then it'll all be over!
2: Oshou...?!
sfx: bam
3: Oshou!!


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