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#35. Rito's Gamble!


tl by danluffey

#35. Rito's Gamble!!
1: There hasn't been a single car on this entire road so far!
2: what should I do...?
3: I can't believe the engine stalled here...
4: What should I do?
5: /I need to hurry to Hashijima-sensei...I have to get to that temple...otherwise, I may never be able to see him ever again.
sfx: beep beep screech

sfx: rumble
#35. Rito's Gamble!!

1: Hey, look at that weirdo.
sfx: revvv
2: Is that a wedding dress?
3: Umm...
4: Please, can you let me ride with you?
5: I want you to take me somewhere.
6: Huh?!
7: Well, now I know why she's dressed so crazy...
8: she's a total nut!
9: What do we look like, taxi drivers?
10: You've got some nerve!
11: Who do you think you are?!
sfx: jerk
12: Wait!

1: She must have a good reason...
sfx: spin
2: Boss...
3: I'm the boss of the 'June Brides,' Hayase Takako.
4: Tell me what's going on.
5: /But...how much should I tell her? Everything?
6: Hey! At least give her an answer!
7: Our boss is being really generous here!
8: /I don't want to lie to someone who's nice enough to listen to me...I'll tell her eveyrthing! It may be hard for her to believe...but it's the truth. If I put my heart into it, I'm sure she'll understand.

sfx: whisper
1: I know you may not believe me,
2: but I did my best to tell you everything without mixing in any lies.
3: Her man was reincarnated?
4: And I think she said he was going to be reincarnated again...
sfx: clamor
5: And something else about him possibly dying...
6: Either way, she's still a nut!
7: The truth is, my brain isn't too hot either.
8: So I didn't understand all of what you told me. Especially about the reincarnation stuff.
9: But I think I got the general jist of it.
10: You're hurrying to a man who means a lot to you. And you want us to take you there.
11: Y...yes!
12: /She understood!

1: Stupid bitch.
2: You may be telling us the truth...
3: You seemed too passionate to be making it up.
4: But how come WE have to play taxi and go out of our way for you?
5: I...I know...
6: But...
7: Please! I don't have any more time left!
8: I promise to thank you properly later...
9: You think we need your thanks?! We're the June Brides! All we need is freedom!
10: That's right!
sfx: noise
sfx: drip
11: Look, there you go.
12: You think we'll help you just because you're crying?
13: This world isn't nice enough to bend every time someone sheds some tears.
14: But...
15: You probably thought that if you told us the truth, we'd help you.
sfx: step
16: Unfortunately, this isn't some romance movie.

1: As I was listening to you, you know what I thought?
2: You aren't risking anything.
3: You're just showing how weak you are as a human,
4: then waiting for someone to help you.
5: You're preying on people's good will!
6: And I hate those type of people more than any other!
7: People like that only use people when they're in trouble.
8: And they only end up betraying those people in the end, due to how sorry they feel for themselves!
9: Is the boss talking about her ex?
10: Ssshh, you idiot!
sfx: whisper
sfx: smirk
11: I got an idea.

1: Let's play a game.
2: If you beat me, then I'll take you wherever you want to go.
3: But first, let's go somewhere.
4: It's close by, so follow me.
5: As you can see
6: this road ends there.
7: We'll start here
8: and drive toward the end at over 80km/h.
9: Then, we'll hit the brakes.

1: Whoever stops closer to the edge of he road wins. Pretty simple, right?
2: All you need to do is hold off on pushing the brakes until the very end...of course, if you mess up, you die.
3: This is scary...it's not good for the heart to watch this too many times...
sfx: shiver
4: I don't get it, though. Why is the boss wasting so much time on that woman?
5: She have gotten really pissed off.
6: You don't have to if you don't want to.
7: But in return...I know.
8: I'll cut off the sleeves of that dress. They'll make a good flag.
sfx: slam
sfx: clamor
9: Do the signal for us.
10: OK.
sfx: shiver
11: She's shaking.
12: /You aren't risking anything. You're just waiting for someone to help you.
sfx: grip
13: Ready!

sfx: vroom
sfx: press
sfx: fwooosh
sfx: woom
sfx: press
sfx: vroooooom
sfx: whoosh
1: /Hmph. Desperate to hang on to your love, romance, whatever...you're so naive, you know that? You couldn't even imagine the kind of hell I've been through! The only person you can trust in this world is yourself! I've got more guts than you'll ever know! Now hurry up and beg for mercy before you hurt yourself!

sfx: whoosh
small sfx: screech
1: How about we stop here?
2: Hey! Let me just warn you! There's no way you'll be able to push the brake after me!
3: I've done this dozens of times! I know the exact timing!
4: /Look at those eyes...
5: /Is this really the same woman who was just shivering back there?
6: What?! Not only is she driving terribly, but now she's upping the speed?!
7: She's probably such an amateur that she doesn't even know how much pressure to use!
8: At this rate, the boss might even be in danger!

sfx: clink
sfx: shiver
1: /N...no way! I...I just wanted to teach that stupid crybaby a lesson! That's all!
sfx: vroom
2: /Why...?
3: /Why is she going this far?!
4: W...we can't go any farther!
sfx: slam
sfx: slam

sfx: screech
1: Ahhh!

sfx: whoom
1: She went too far...!!
sfx: bam

sfx: haaa
sfx: teeter
1: A-are you alright, boss?!
sfx: noise
2: Boss!
3: Shut up, you morons!
4: Be quiet...
5: We have to be careful that the car doesn't fall the other way when we pull it up.
6: OK...

1: Why do you always have to get so desperate?! This is why I hate girls like you!
2: You made a face like you couldn't even squash a bug, but there's no telling what you'll do when you get mad!
3: What, did you think that you had already run out of time, so you might as well just kill yourself and join him?!
4: I wasn't desperate...
5: I just thought...that I should risk something.
6: It's just like you said. My whole life, I've just been waiting for people to come help me.
7: And someone always did...so I grew to expect it. Even now, like how I'm going to see Hashijima-sensei. So I thought...I need to do something, here. Otherwise, I don't have the right to see him again...
8: I...

1: If I'm really the type of person who lets herself die or run away from a challenge like this...then I'm truly a weak person who can't stand on her own foot.
2: I thought that if I could stand up to this challenge with my own strength...that I'd be able to grow into a more stronger person.
3: Then, I could go to face Hashijima-sensei with confidence...that's what I thought.
4: I won...
5: So let me borrow this car, as you promised.
6: Wait!
sfx: grab

1: I can't let you take this car. I don't trust your driving!
2: I'll drive.
3: Besides, I kinda...want to meet this guy that you're so desperate to see again.
4: /How can you be so strong?
sfx: slam
5: /All it took was a single betrayal from a man in my past to make me lose all faith in humanity. I'm no match for you.
6: /Maybe we were fated to meet. Now, I want to see your love with my own eyes...!

1: Put the pedal to the metal!!
2: Yeaaaaaaahhhh!
sfx: vroooom
2: [Meanwhile, Hashijima...
3: /Ohh, come on already!
4: /Is it really this hard for me to stay concentrated?
5: [was busy fighting with himself.


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