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Chapter 10 - Wake Up to the Nightmare


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 10 - Wake Up to the Nightmare

p2: twitch
p3: clang
1: hop
p4: tap
2: C'mere!
3: Little freak!
p6: smack

1: You're so creepy!
2: And weird!
p1: kyaaa
3: Go away! You're not allowed to play here!
p2: kyaaa
4: whack
p3: hic sniff
p4: woof

1: Hey, you little monsters!
p2 right: thud
2: You made my little brother cry again, didn't you?!
p2 left: stare
3: Gehh! It's Satoru's big sister!
4: Satomi, the gang boss!
5: Who are you calling a gang boss?!
p4: grab
6: You're older than him, why are you bullying someone younger than you?!

p1 bottom: brush
p1 top: hiieeee
1: It's tough love.
2: Time to grow up a little, boys.
3: Sis...
p3: sniff
4: Satoru. Men are supposed to fight back!
5: In swimming class,
6: they saw the face in my stomach.

1: Awww, come on!
p4: woof
2: This is nothing. Just a little bruise.
3: It'll go away eventually.
4: But if people still make fun of you,

1: then I'll be sure to protect you! Alright?
p1: ruff
p2: squeeze
2: Mmm.
p3: snicker...
p4 sign: Makamigahara
3: I'm home!
4: I just got back, mother!

1: Stop it, Satomi.
2: I really don't like it when you call me that.
3: When you were little, you used to call me mama...
p2: Go tie Jackie up at his doghouse, Satoru!
p3: ahaha
4: I'm way too old for that!
p4: How did you grow up to be such a wild girl? mumble mumble...It's probably my fault for not having a male role model around...
5: Hey Satoru, don't let mom see your face like that. She'll get worried.
6: Let's take a bath together later.
7: Hey sis! Is...
p7: splish
8: Is something wrong with me?

p1: splish
1: What do you mean?
2: I mean...the monster in my stomach.
3: And the face there.
p3: splash
4: Everyone always talks to me about it.
5: How come your stomach's all smooth and mine isn't?

p1: fssh
1: Because I'm a woman, you idiot.
p2: oww
2: Huh?
3: Men and women's bodies are really different, you know?
4: That's all it is.
5: But all the boys
6: at school...
7: Enough is enough!
8: You aren't weird, alright? End of story!
p5: splash
p6: Satoru...

p1: Yes...
From the day we found you,
you've always had those thick scar-like wrinkles in your body.
Your mama worried herself silly over them.
The police took you to a facility...and then we applied
to become your official foster family.
1: What kind of a child were you, really? Why had you been abandoned in a place like that? For 7 years, we wondered...
2: I can't believe it's already been 7 years.

1: Nothing significant happened since then,
2: so why do I feel so unconditionally uneasy?
3: I just hope nothing happens now.
4: Satoru.
5: Just who
6: are you?
p3: zzzz
p4: kwaaaahh
p5: tap

p1: slip
p2: hop
1: Hey.
2: Wake up.
p6: mmm

1: Wake up, I said...
1-2: lick
3: Sha
4: ga
5: ra.
p3-p4: crack

1: That's it.
p1: woooohhhhhh
2: It's about time you wake up.
3: crack
4: pop

p1: gghhkhaaah
p2: haaaaah
p3: gch

1: snap
2: Hey, that wasn't funny!
3: Asshole.
p2: tap
4: Can't even tell friend from foe, can you?
5: What a demon.
p4: whack
6: Who's there?!

p2: mrooowww
1: A
2: cat?!
3: Deeeeehhh!!
4: whack

1: Ggh...
2: Ho...hohoho. Too late! It's too late! The nightmare's already begun!
p3: crash
3: Waaaaait!
4: Dammit! What was that?!
5: That was no normal cat!
6: I heard it speak!
p6: huh
7: Satoru!

1: Satoru...
2: No...you're not Satoru!
3: Wh-what the hell are you?! A monster?!
p4: crack...
4: Sha
5: ga
6: ra.


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