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Chapter 37 - Enraged Warriors

This translation is ready for lettering

Page 1:
Title: Kaze's Field
Upper right Icon: Comic Terminal

Page 2:
Top Title: Kaze's Field 5
Box: The story thus far
Wakadori High faced Hayase, Falco, and the rest of Katabuki High School #2 in the 4th round of the
Shizuoka Soccer Tournament. With the score tied at 1-1 and Kaze hurt, his remaining 10 teammates
fought valiantly until he managed to return to the field. A thunderous World Cup Shot
won the game for Wakadori in overtime, and now they face Aikawa Business School and its rough-playing
goalie Nitani in the semifinals!

Black Bar: Table of Contents
Chapter 36 - #1 Dirty Smile
Chapter 37 - Enraged Warriors
Chapter 38 - A Sacrifice for Victory
Chapter 39 - Rage Bullet
Chapter 40 - A New Battle
Chapter 41 - Three Kids in the Shadows
Chapter 42 - Lonely Triangle
Chapter 43 - Tear Up the Notes!
Chapter 44 - The Crownless King

Page 3:
T: (Aaaah!) Another accident!
Nitani-kun's knee slams into Kishida-kun's neck!
Title: Chapter 37 - Enraged Warriors

C: Kishida!

CL: H-How awful...

BL: Kaze-kun...

Page 4: N/A

Page 5:
T: Calm down, Kaze-kun! Your foot's still not healed-

CR: Kaze-kun...be patient...
SFX: cheer

CL: SFX: cheer
All these injures are starting to get suspicious...
You're a jerk, Nitani!

B: /Nitani's still as dirty a player as they come.../
/Don't lose to him, Wakadori.../

Page 6:
TR: There's a reason we want to face you in the finals, Kaze-kun!

TL: Kishida!
Hold on, Kishida!
SFX: cheer cheer

CL: That should weaken their offense a bit too-

BR: You're dead, you smarmy weasel!
I have a name, you know: Nitani Tarou.

BC: /That's it, get angry, it'll make my life easier./

BL: Stop, guys!

Page 7:
TR: BubbleS: gasp gasp
SFX: wrap wrap

TL: We'll get even on the field!

C: Y-Yeah, he's right, guys! Don't let him drag you into his pace!
No matter what he does, we play clean!

BR: Y-...

BL: Hehe...Admirable goal, but we'll see how long you can stick to it...
SFX: scratch

Page 8:
T: Oh? Did you say something?

C: SFX: Cheer cheer

B: SFX: cheer

Page 9:
He blocks it! Nitani makes a two-handed save!
Excellent goalkeeping!
SFX: Shwoom

CR: That smirking idiot...
He plays clean just as well as he plays dirty..

BR: And he fouls people in ways that don't look like fouls...
He's actually really good.

BL: The two schools clash over and over!

Page 10:
And Wakadori's injuries continue to mount in the second half!


C: And the second I compliment him he's back to this...

BR: Please mount a proper offense, if it's not too much trouble?

BL: Ah, and now Aikawa's on the attack!
/When Nitani-san gets overly polite, that's when you know he's mad./

Page 11:
T: /Please, please let us score this time, or he's really gonna get scary./
Stop him, Jin'nai!
Things look good for Aikawa!
SFX: cheer

T-Inset: SFX: slip

CR: Feint to the left, once is enough!

BR: Okay!
SFX: Shift

BC: SFX: turn

CL: Black SFX: Stomp
White SFX: Throb

BL: Ngh!
SFX: Buckle

Page 12:
R: He's out of it! // One quick feint and Jin'nai-kun's iron defense crumbles!
SFX: Trip
SFX: Dash

BR: Rrrgh...

TL: He shoots!

CL: Another shot at the left corner!

BL: Crap, can't reach it with my left!

Page 13:
T: But it doesn't matter!
SFX: Punch

CR: SFX: throb
A desperate punch keeps the ball in play!

CL: Arrgh!
SFX: Skiddd

B: But the ball flies straight up!
It's going to be a head-to-head battle, but Kishida-kun's neck is still injured!
SFX: Jump jump

Page 14:
TR: No, Kishida! Your neck can't take it!
SFX: roll

TCR: Kishida!


BCR: SFX: Crack

CL: Graaaah!

B: Kishida wins, he pushes the ball away!
It's up to you now, Jin'nai!

PAge 15:
TR: Heh...
SFX: sway

TL: Heheh...here we go again-
SFX: spin

CR: SFX: Slip

C: SFX: glare!

CL: (Wha?)

B: Who do you think I am, you loser?!

Page 16:
TR: SFX: throb

TL: He shouted! The cool-headed man of few words lets loose with an angry roar!
/Asuka...Kishida...I'm right there with you guys./
We're not going down today!

CR: Yeah! We can't lose to a bunch of cheaters like these guys!

CL: (WHOOOOO!) That's some guts! Go Wakadori!

BR: Hoo boy...
I didn't think they were this tenacious.

BC: Looks like I'll need to risk a yellow card myself if I'm gonna take care of them properly.
SFX: crack crack

BL: SFX: tromp tromp tromp

Page 17:
T: Bring it home, Kishida!
SFX: punt


Page 18:

TL: Kishida!

B: K-Kishida-kun hits the turf again! That was a blatant foul!
Nitani-kun earns himself a yellow card!

Page 19:
TR: Stay still, Kishida!
S-Son of a...
SFX: Boo

TL: You pull anything like that again and you're outta here!
I'm sorry, it wasn't on purpose, but it was my fault and I take responsibility.

BR: SFX: boo boo

CL: Kaze-kun...
SFX: Turn

BC: SFX: Step

BL: [There's no stopping him now...]

Page 20:
T: I've had all I can stand!
[No matter how badly his foot's hurt, Kaze-kun will play.

BR: SFX: crack crack crack

BL: Non-chan, let's do this! Grab my uniform!

Page 21:
TR: Kaze...
Bwuh? He's gonna play?

TL: [Gotta be supportive...]
[Gotta do it for Kaze-kun...]

CL: [Send him off with a smile...]

B: S-Sorry for the wait, Kaze-kun!
SFX: Flap

Page 22:
I swear on my number 11,
I'm gonna wreck you, Nitani!
SFX: Slap

Page 23:
Icon: Comic Terminal

Block 1: At Comic Terminal, we you bring timeless classics, lost masterpieces,
restored color works and countless other wonderful manga treasures!

Block 2: * Certain works may language that may be considered vulgar or discriminatory today,
but was considered acceptable at the time of the manga's creation. This language remains unedited
in order to preserve the integrity of the work, but we do not endorse or promote the usage of such language
under any circumstances. We thank our readers for your understanding.

Page 24:
Kaze's Field Volume 5
Miya Takeshi


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