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Support Artists!

At Manga Reborn you can directly support manga artists and writers!
Join us in our effort to give creators around the world a way to live
while sharing their passion with us.

Ways you can support creators at Manga Reborn


Support Financially!


If creators have money to live off of they can focus on their work to share with us. However, not everyone can give away a lot at one time so we've thought up a few ways for you to support the way you can.


Support by purchasing one chapter at a time.

Manga are sold in one chapter quantities

Each chapter you buy directly supports the creator you're buying from. Purchasing manga or stories is the simplest form of helping creators.
You can buy creations using "Coins" bought in the site.

Use coins to unlock creations.

The unlock system is a method to generate a lump sum payment to creators to unlock it for everyone to enjoy.

Sometimes creators are stuck with a dilemma. They want to let everyone, anywhere enjoy their creation, but they need a way to be supported to continue creating.
With the unlock system, once the pre-set limit has been reached everyone can read for free and the artist gets paid the lump sum. That way, everyone wins!



You can support just by reading!

There are ads on the page that directly support the creators

We've placed ads strategically around the site, so that by you just doing what you came to the site to do, you can directly support the artist. Each view you generate earns the creator a tiny bit of money. But as fans increase so does their pay check. Spread the word about their work and see a creator live their dream of being a professional artist living off their work.

Support Creatively!


Try helping a creator doing using the skills at your disposal! Translation, editing, fan art - there are many ways to support your favorite creator. So don't be shy, offer your help - anyway you can!


Translation and Lettering

Not everyone can read the creator's native language. Be it Japanese, French or Italian. Through the help of translators and letterers people from other countries can enjoy the story the creator intended. If you feel confident in your skills, or would like to build up experience, register below and start helping the world experience many wonderful creations!


Fan Art

Sometimes you enjoy a story so much you'd like to create your own drawing. Other times you'd just like to color a certain page in a manga to give it more life. At Manga Reborn you can do just that. Register as a Fan Artist and start showing the world your own original way of supporting the original creator.


Comments and Reviews

Have you ever created something to have it go about un-noticed? Well, sometimes creators feel that way. But by writing a comment, adding a review, and talking about the chapter with friends in the forums you give an artist something, that at times, can be much more than any other form of support. You can do so by becoming a member.

So many more ways you can support!


You're not limited to just supporting financially, creatively, or through commenting. We're here to change how the world enjoys creative works online but we haven't thought of everything yet. Perhaps you have an idea that could make a dent in the universe. We'd love to hear it. Help us, help the world by making Manga Reborn successful so that creators everywhere can earn a living doing what they love!

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