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3 ways to sell, with no sign up or upload fees!


Pay Per Download

The reader must pay the price you specify.

Unlock System

No one can read the file until a set price is reached.

Ad Revenue

Earn money based on access.

You can also earn money from combinations of the above. Such as "Pay per download" + "Ad revenue", "Unlock system" + "Ad revenue", or Just "Ad revenue". All of the users use a currency called "Coins" these "Coins" are used to purchase manga, and pay you. Once you've reached 10,000 Coins you'll be able to exchange that into your countries currency and get paid.

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  • Tell me more about the Pay Per Download System.

    Each release requires the reader to pay using coins before they can read it.

    Just like any typical net shopping site, you can set your desired price for your manga and sell it. (Please remember you'll be setting the price using our "Coin" currency). Those that pay for your manga using Coins will be able to read your manga. Since they pay per chapter, if they want to read the next one, they'll have to purchase it. The more people who view your work the more ad revenue you'll also earn.

  • Tell me more about the Unlock System.

    You set a minimum guarantee before your release is readable by the public.

    The Unlock System allows you to set a price that must be met before it is readable by the public. For those that want to read your manga they add Coins to your release. Once the Coins reach the goal your manga becomes public and you get paid. By using this system you can be certain you'll make a set price before the masses can read your manga. Then, once it is unlocked, you can continue to earn money through the ad revenue system.

  • About Ad Revenue

    Earn Coins based on the amount of ad revenue generated from people viewing your creation.

    There will be ads displayed throughout the site and in strategic places around your creations. When we are payed by the advertising agencies for that access, we will then pay you out in Coins. For example, if the entire site generated $10,000 worth of views and your creation was responsible for 50% of those views, then you'd get paid 5,000 Coins.


Publishing your manga is Easy! Send us your manga and we'll scan it and get it ready for the public!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our staff.

MangaReborn's Translators and Letters

250,000 manga chapters translated, and counting!

Just because a person is a native speaker of a certain language doesn't make them a pro translator, with manga being especially difficult since mistakes in small nuances can change a story completely. So to combat that, we've gathered the support of 1800 highly experienced translators to make sure your manga translations are done right.

Lettering, localizing your manga one font at a time.

A letterer takes the translation and edits it onto the manga. The letterers that we have at MangaReborn, like our translators, are ones of skill and experience. Assuring you that your manga will carry the same punch and feel that you intended for it.

Translation Examples

Manga Reborn's payment system, and exchange rate.

Purchasing Coins

1 yen

1 Coin

We accept Credit Cards, WebMoney and PayPal.
There is no difference in charges or exchange rates between Credit Cards, WebMoney, and Paypal.
Fees for using our system are included.

Exchanging Coins

2 Coins

1 yen

Royalty Fees are included.
Bank transfer fees are included.
The transfer commission of cash is included.

*Important* All Coin purchases are final. We can't refund your purchase.

Reasons to use Manga Reborn

  • Reach readers you've never reached before

    The users at Manga Reborn are manga fans all around the world who generally wouldn't have had a chance to come in contact with your manga. Some of these reasons might be it would have never been translated, never been printed and sold where they live, cost double or sometimes triple the price, or not even accessible in their country in the first place. That's where MangaReborn steps in. We help answer all those issues all while helping you earn money without competing with your current market!

  • Our Copy Guard System is so strong, even Publishers are using it

    A common fear of artists is if their manga is released online will it be stolen and copied every where. With our DRM system we not only will protect your manga, but we'll do it in a way that your readers will still have an enjoyable experience.

  • Release at MangaReborn and watch your manga automatically appear on the PC, Mobile and Tablet devices

    Just like how manga readers all over the world can read and enjoy manga anywhere, we'd like the same flexibility with digital content as well. So with our streamlined system we've made it so the moment you upload your manga it'll be ready for people in the form they like, on the device they like.