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Thumb Thread Authorkeiiii
Thread TitleMinor issue with Language (profile) Icon English
Date Created01/20/2012 02:46

The profile asked me for my first language, which, in my case, is Korean. But then it displays my "Language" as Korean, implying that Korean is my preferred language. This is not true; although I am certainly fluent in Korean, my English is somewhat better.


Instead of "first language," wouldn't it be better to ask for preferred language, or perhaps primary language?

Even better, shouldn't there be an option to choose multiple languages for people who are fluent in multiple languages?

Icon English




Thanks for the suggestion keiiii. :thumbs

I see your point and will see what can be done about it. I surmise that something like what you have suggested would only prove beneficial to the community of MR.

01/21/2012 01:11 Quote | Report


Elanor Pam

I have a similar problem. My preferred language is English, but my first language is Portuguese and I can also read some japanese. But because I chose Portuguese as my first language, my comics are all flagged as being in Portuguese...

01/22/2012 11:43 Quote | Report



I actually wanted to describe exactly the same situation (only with German) but you articulated it much better than I could have. I wanted to "stay true to myself" in a way and not choose English as my first language (which it isn't) but here and with manga in general I prefer English.
I especially like the suggestion of choosing multiple languages! :)

11/23/2012 10:36 Quote | Report


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