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Thread TitleSimple Translation Question thread Icon English
Date Created01/23/2012 00:13

This thread is for all short and simple translation questions i.e. what does this word or sentence mean. If you are looking for more in-depth help, please contact a translator privately or create a thread in this section.

Also, please remember to give as much context regarding your inquiry as possible.. Many words and meanings can be different depending upon the context of the situation.

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Hi, I have a question about this line.


I translated it as "I’m kind of aware that I have a habit of getting drunk and picking things up."

I don't know how to translate the "usuusu" part to match the sentence. That's sometimes a sfx for muttering but this line is part of an internal monologue. I wasn't sure if my translation is correct.

And then there is this line. The person saying this was recounting the various things they had picked up and taken with them while drunk. She mentions a store sign and a broken kotatsu, and then this is in parentheses.


I thought it could mean something like "Big heaps of junk," but I'm not sure if that's correct and I'm not sure how to adapt Omouwaseru to this line. I considered leaving it out.

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If anyone else would like to respond to Portal's question, you can read the first chapter (the source of the questions) here: http://en.mangareborn.jp/creations/3126

First line: My first inclination for this line would be to keep a similar grammar structure (phrase - "usuusu" - phrase) to make sure that we get that "usuusu" part in there. You called this a "part of an internal monologue." When I read it, I see it more as narration, someone speaking directly to the readers. Using this perspective, I think translating the "usuusu" sound effect as "muttering" or perhaps even a "grumble" is just fine. To finish, we could have a line like, "That I have a habit of picking things up when I'm drunk (space between) ... *mutter* I'm well aware." I think that this keeps the sense of exasperation that she feels and shows that she doesn't want to acknowledge it or let other people know about it.

Second line: Assuming that this is the line from page 6 of the first chapter, the line is actually "大型ゴミと思われる," rather than "大型ゴミ思うわせる." I'm not aware of a typical word or word pair that we use in American English to refer to 大型ゴミ, but Google is showing me several results for "oversized/bulky garbage," and that should get the point across. So, we have a phrase telling us that these are things that are thought of as oversized garbage. To keep it short (to fit in the allotted space), we could go with "Things that are considered oversized garbage," but even that won't fit, so it might be best to simply go with "Oversized garbage."

Just my two cents here, but I hope it helps at least a little :)

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That makes perfect sense! I really wish I had had that level of understanding when I read it. I don't think I would have thought of that. It's disappointing on my part but at the same time I'm inspired by your grasp of that line. Wow! I'll amend my translation. Thank you so much! I have a long way to go so I appreciate your attention to my question...!

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Happy to help, and keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing your translations for what looks to be a very promising and fun series :)

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Nice answer Rai! Glad portal's problem got solved.

I would also like to point out that うすうす, when used in this context, can also mean "Vaguely" or "hazily." In other words, the character "vaguely" knew about the habit. Another common usage is うすうす感じた。

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I feel bad that I'm the only one using this thread! Thanks for your help, guys. I'm on the third chapter of Flower Garden now and I'm struggling over a line. I typed it as the line breaks appear.

My problem is the まつとおな道 part. I have a lot of guesses but they don't pan out.

The context behind the line involves a boy, Kaoru, transferring to a new school that up until two years ago had been a girl's only school.

Is とおな道 the equivalent of 遠道? If it is, I don't know why there's a な there. Is the matsu the verb "to wait"? Even if I think about it like that I can't interpret the sentence properly. I've taken apart and combined the characters in this sentence in so many ways but I just can't get anything to work.

I'm not sure what context would be important because I keep going through the previous pages and they don't seem to be related to this sentence. I'm not sure if I am even making sense here!

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Hi portal, thanks for asking your question.

From now on, I would suggest putting down what page number the problematic line is on, because it'll help us when we go to look for it. I couldn't find a line that matches what you wrote on the forum, but I did find the phrase まっとぉな道 in two different lines. This is just a slang-ish variation of the word まっとう。I found this phrase on pages 16 and 17.

Basically, the character wants to return Kaoru to a "proper" path. Hope this helps.

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Hi, I wasn't sure whether you guys could see the chapter I was working on because you would have had to pay in coins. Next time I'll put it up just in case. Thank you for helping me even though I should have been more specific.

So from what you said I could say that that line is something like "If I can somehow return Kaoru to the right path..."

No matter where I looked I couldn't find that! Thank you so much. I spent so much time on it that I was getting really frustrated! Thank you!!

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