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Thumb Thread AuthorRai
Thread TitlePotential Error - Duplicate Manga and Author Entries Icon English
Date Created01/07/2014 16:09

I noticed that there are two different existences of a particular manga, 天使の羽あと (Remnants of Angel Wings/An Angel's Heart), and it's linked to a duplicate manga author page for Kazumi Tono. This particular duplicate can be found here: http://en.mangareborn.jp/creation_series/301 . This version has a translation, while the other does not. If I click on the author's name, it sends me back to the MangaReborn home page, telling me "Access Denied."

"Kazumi Tohno" (as the other author page spells it) appears to be the proper author page. The full listing of 天使の羽あと can be found here: http://en.mangareborn.jp/creation_series/648 . What I assume to be the proper author's page can be found here: http://en.mangareborn.jp/users/399 .

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Rai! I'll let the techies know.

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