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Thumb Thread AuthorToshiro Okira
Thread TitleWhen the rules say Manga Artists right it means Artists as well as authors right? They may need to fix that depending on the meaning. Icon English
Date Created01/24/2020 10:50

I was wondering because if it is only artist then that is kind of wrong morally as it takes both writer and artist to make a story. I am not here to argue whether it is harder for artist or writer so one or the other should get more pay. If you want my opinion, i feel both are equal, it is just as hard for both sides to do their job. Both are constantly working and both will have times when they get stuck or behind. But i will not be replying to any comments that argue for any side. You are free to give your opinion and i will likely see it, i just won't reply in order to keep this as neutral a place as possible. Whatever way you feel both have rights to the manga as both sides made it. (This is for when it is two people not one who can do both.)

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