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Thumb Thread AuthorLaura Lanford
Thread Title[Portuguese] Translation (19/05/11) Icon English
Date Created05/19/2011 16:28

I'd like to have a try translating the website into Brazilian Portuguese - I've already downloaded Komodo Edit and I did had previous experiences at making pages by hand from scratch, so given the instructions on which things should I edit, it'll be pretty straightforward =D

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Sorry to butt in but I was thinking maybe we could team up and work on some site localisation - maybe going from a 'root', if you will, Portuguese and then branching off to Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese when the wording calls for it. Just saying because whenever I want to register at some forum in BP and I'm faced with "Cadastrar-se", I cringe. In EP, "cadastro" = criminal record, so... Yeah.

I've no experience with coding, but I can learn :D

05/20/2011 07:31 Quote | Report


Laura Lanford

Can you handle the European side? How'd you prefer to recieve the files - in English or pre-translated to Brazilian Portuguese? We could also split the files, as there's some files which are longer and others are shorter... Send a PM =D

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Laura, i'd like to help ;D

11/15/2012 20:01 Quote | Report


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