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Thumb Thread AuthorNiras
Thread TitleLooking for a translation help ( English ----> Japanese ) Icon English
Date Created12/02/2017 03:41

Konnichiwa , I just joined this group .My name is Solyer Delz , I write manga scripts generally . And this time , finally a manga editor promised me to read a manga script i wrote but he said , it has to be in japanese and so i kept looking and looking for a translation help . But it was trouble , either a translator uses bad japanese or he asks for 600$ for a few pages which is obviously a robbery , so please guys , i am asking you , I need help translating this and maybe this will help me start my life as a mangaka , And of course , for the one who helps me , i will do my best thanking you , either with money after winning a competition or something , or get you a chance to be an official translator or someone who people can count on . Anyway haha , Please , i need Help . ONEGAISHIMASU !!
Thanks for reading
PS : I am learning japanese , which is a very hard language to learn lol

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