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cm0 - Zero Centimeters cm-2; Minus 2 Centimeters

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cm-2; Minus 2 Centimeters

cm0 - Zero Centimeters cm-2; Minus 2 Centimeters Tohno Kazumi

Failed marriage attempts... one.
It seems my boyfriend saw us together. We broke it off because he was convinced that there was something going on between Hasumi-kun and me. There’s nothing between us though. Just because he looks after me, my boyfriend...

Miharu and Hasumi are two people who can’t help but pass by each other, and the distance between them is closing one step at a time.

The long-awaited masterpiece has finally arrived!

21 page

40 coin

1 people translating this chapter into 1 languages
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Tohno Kazumi
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This is a fanpage of Tohno Kazumi.

山口県出身/在住。 8/27生まれの 乙女座のB型。

5年後、フリーになり、以来さすらいのマンガ描きとなる。 そのせいか、単行本未収録の作品がいっぱいあるので、どなたか心優しき出版社の方、どうぞよろしく~(T_T)!!!!

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