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The 5 Buffalo Girls [Full Color]


The 5 Buffalo Girls [Full Color] Anno Moyoco

In the tiny, run-down villages that tattoo this dusty expanse, there exist girls who have been sold to brothels. Day in and day out, they battle with men's sexual desire while they try to come to terms with their own feelings and sentiments. Even prostitutes fall in love, you know. There are men who fall in love with them, too...but the freedom to love who one wishes doesn't exist in whorehouses.

"Love or life. Choose one."

In a world rampant with sex and violence, how can these girls survive? One day, Candy and Suzy decide to risk their lives and escape the brothel, all for the sake of the freedom they've never had.

Artist Anno Moyoco
Title The 5 Buffalo Girls [Full Color]
Releases 11
Latest Release (Special Chapter) Brothers in the Inferno
Popularity Fans (5)
Language Japanese
Tag Drama, Love Romance, Human, Adult, Adventure
Rating -


Chapter Contributions Date Read
Icon #11 (Special Chapter) Brothers in the Inferno 1 translations
Icon #10 CHAPTER.9 1 translations
Icon #9 CHAPTER.8 1 translations
Icon #8 CHAPTER.7 1 translations
Icon #7 CHAPTER.6 1 translations
Icon #6 CHAPTER.5 1 translations
Icon #5 CHAPTER.4 1 translations
Icon #4 CHAPTER.3 1 translations
Icon #3 CHAPTER.2 1 translations
Icon #2 CHAPTER.1 1 translations
Icon #1 CHAPTER.0 [Sample] 2 translations
1 scanlations


Original Translated Translator Date Read
Icon #1 CHAPTER.0 [Sample] Icon sample ryusei 07/20/2013 Read
Icon #11 (Special Chapter) Brothers in the Inferno Icon (Special Chapter) Brothers in the Inferno danluffey 03/14/2013 Read
Icon #10 CHAPTER.9 Icon CHAPTER.9 danluffey 03/12/2013 Read
Icon #9 CHAPTER.8 Icon CHAPTER.8 danluffey 03/11/2013 Read
Icon #8 CHAPTER.7 Icon CHAPTER.7 danluffey 03/07/2013 Read
Icon #7 CHAPTER.6 Icon CHAPTER.6 danluffey 03/05/2013 Read
Icon #6 CHAPTER.5 Icon CHAPTER.5 danluffey 03/05/2013 Read
Icon #5 CHAPTER.4 Icon CHAPTER.4 danluffey 03/04/2013 Read
Icon #4 CHAPTER.3 Icon CHAPTER.3 danluffey 03/01/2013 Read
Icon #3 CHAPTER.2 Icon CHAPTER.2 danluffey 02/28/2013 Read
Icon #2 CHAPTER.1 Icon CHAPTER.1 danluffey 02/27/2013 Read
Icon #1 CHAPTER.0 [Sample] Icon CHAPTER.0 [Sample] danluffey 02/22/2013 Read


Original Localized Group Date Read
Icon #1 CHAPTER.0 [Sample] Icon CHAPTER.0 [Sample] Utinam Scanlations 04/04/2013

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This is a fanpage of Anno Moyoco.

FEEL YOUNG(祥伝社)での連載「ハッピーマニア」で大ブレイク。代表作は「ジェリービーンズ」「さくらん」「働きマン」。

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